Thursday, July 10, 2014

my family.

just a little introduction to some of my family that you guys will be seeing more of- btw don't forget to follow me over on bloglovin here-- seriously, just click the button & follow. it would make me really happy.

anyways, we will start with my mom. she is the definition of amazing which means this-

         1. To affect with great wonder; astonish. See Synonyms at surprise.
2. Obsolete To bewilder; perplex.

a little back story- when i was 14 on the day of my 8th grade graduation i heard my parents fighting. my sister & i used to sit on the stairs (they had green carpet) in this victorian house my parents rented, & listen to them argue. on this day my dad left. on this day my life as i knew it changed. i think i was sheltered a little to how dysfunctional my family was & still is. thank the lord for his love & grace. he is always constant. i remember putting my dads bags of clothes that were in black trash bags on the front porch for him to pick up. it was really hard, for all of us. 

fast forward 3 years- first conversation with my dad. it was hard. i was angry. so many emotions, i had developed a strong dislike for the male specimen. i was closed off emotionally & didn't know what to do with all of these feelings. i felt like my chest would burst any second from sadness, from anger, from bitterness, & mostly from unforgiveness. thank god i was in a church that taught me to face those feeling head on. to break the ceiling that was holding me back. to let go & truly forgive. 

i could talk about this for a long time, but i will save that for another post. today my dad & i have a good relationship. i have forgiven him & moved on. he is married to the sweetest lady (cheri) who is absolutely amazing. we talk on the phone & if he didn't live so far away i know we would see each other more often. 
i love you dad & i am so thankful the lord has brought us to where we are today.

this is my mother. my strong tower, my constant, my best friend. she was always there when i needed her. we have butt heads so many times, but at the end of the day, i am my mother's daughter.


what would i have done without her, who knows. i do know that i wouldn't be who i am today without her. without her love. she was a stay at home mom & was always making sure we were provided for. i remember i would color until i couldn't color anymore, until all my crayons were in pieces, what did she do? she melted  them into little molds so i could use them all over again. we always had homemade easter baskets. the best birthday parties, all of our food from tortilla shells to lasagna were homemade. those memories have shown me what kind of mother i want to be. i am so thankful for her & so thankful for all she has taught me. 

she is married now to phil & he is pretty awesome. he makes the best wings/steaks on the grill. he plays bass. he is an expert at fishing & my husband could not be more happier for that. i am so thankful she is happy & moving forward into new directions with her life. 

all of us celebrating a holiday.

also, my mom is kick a#@ at decorating a home. i mean look above me? that is a tree trunk she has turned into a coffee table on wheels people. genius. she makes the best cheesecake. you would seriously hurt someone over the last bite.she makes all sorts of things out of paper mache. she is so talented & i am ready to see her pursue her time to make money from those talents. cheers to you mom for your new endeavors, know that i will be cheering you on and helping in anyway that i can. 

next there is my sister. shenea. she is an artist and has grown into her own person, which i love seeing evolve. i always loved having a baby sister even though we fought all the time. she is in school for cosmetology/makeup & i cannot wait to see where this takes her.

isn't' she beautiful. she has a country boyfriend (taylor) & they live in the cutest little cube loft i have ever seen with their dog buddy & cat julianne. 

this is her latest art project & she does sale stuff if you are interested.

so good right? i love bragging on her. 

here are some of us as kids.

these make me laugh. so good to have memories to hold onto. when i have more wall space i will be hanging these up.

saving the best for last. my husband. i refer to him as the mr. on this blog most of the time. his name is cory. he is a mans man. he cooks way better than i do. he is an amazing musician. he has a heart of gold, will do really small things for me that matter so much. i don't think i tell him enough how much i love & care for him. he is into fishing recently which my step-dad loves. he loves his cat, "dexter" he loves a good beer. sometimes i will come home and he will have gotten me the cutest little flowers, or like the other day i had to take marta he bought me a green umbrella because he knows that green is my favorite color. this past may we celebrated 3 years of marriage. full of ups & downs. sometimes we want to just go crazy because we aggravate each other so much, but i wouldn't trade him for anything. you will be seeing a lot of him over on my little space, but you will grow to love him, i swear.

our first trip to haiti.

our trip to haiti in may.

we have so much fun together & he makes me laugh all the time. we have our favorite shows that we watch together, "the following" & "house of cards". we eat dinner at the tv watching these shows. i loved watching him with all the kids in haiti. so happy we both have a passion for their country & those people.

this of course is not all my family, but it part of them. i love them so very much & i am so thankful i get the opportunity to make memories i can look back on with this blog.

hope you all enjoy learning & growing with me.

p.s. if you would like to look at my sisters art you can find more here on her facebook.

if you would ever like to order some goodies from my mother just let me know. she does all types of events & i am looking forward to doing an interview with her soon for the blog. more to come on her! yay


mrs. estes