Monday, June 30, 2014

birthday part 2.

this past weekend we continued our celebration of the misters 31st birthday.

he had a meeting that afternoon for a potential job so i cleaned up the house because i knew we had some guests coming over. i have had this table my mom gave me sitting in my living room taking up space for the longest time. we live in a tiny apartment right now and extra space is a luxury. i posted the picture on facebook (why did i not think of this before) & within minutes my dear friend said she would trade me the table for a 25% discount at her store. i have been wanting to go so bad & i have not had the time so this gives me the extra little push.

check her store, "the byrd's box" out here & go buy something cute.

when the hubs got back we watched one of our favorite shows, "the following" (it is incredible) & just had some quality time. we went to el escorpion for dinner with family & friends. the food there is amazing- i had the grilled shrimp tacos and their version of texas margaritas. my sister was able to make it which made me happy & so did my mom & step dad.

everyone came back to the house after dinner to have a slice of the BEST cheesecake made by my mom. if you are ever in need of amazing food or deserts in general please let me know. i will hook you up.

yesterday was a "off" day for the husband which made me happy. we stopped by starbucks to get our usual's and then headed to his parents for a day at the pool, which ended about 1hr in. because of the the rain. seriously rain ruins my life every pool day i get. every. single. one.
over all it was a good birthday for him & as far as presents goes he is buying a bunch of guitar gear which makes him happy and me happy as well. it is all about "the tone" you guys. 

i hope you all had a fantastic weekend- regarding pictures i decided to leave the camera at home. i just wanted to soak up all the moments & just have them to hold onto in my heart and in my brain. 


Mrs. Estes

Sunday, June 29, 2014

throwback sunday.

usually i would be on the way to church right now, but i am still in bed & i still can't breathe from this sickness i cannot shake.   we are going to the beach in august i have decided to do a throwback to last year when we went to the hilton head. for my friends birthday. it was just us 3 girls & it was so fun to get away.

                                                            april & i at frosty frogs.

the beach is gorgeous. always. 

jena & i.

i love little get aways. when they involve the beach they are even better.  
what are your favorite places to get away too?

also, we are going to daytona in august, any fun thing you guys recommend i check out?

cheers to a day at the pool,

Mrs. Estes

Saturday, June 28, 2014

birthday part 1.

today is my sweet husbands 31st birthday. i love birthdays. i usually plan these extravagant parties for his birthday where a whole lot of people come & my ocd kicks in where i am trying to make sure everyone is happy and not feeling left out. this year we have had a lot going on (good & bad) so we didn't plan something huge. a lot more casual.

last night we celebrated just the two of us at this bbq place called, "bone lick" it is pretty good & has good vibes.

here are some pictures from my iPhone.

i love places with clever names.

i got the pulled pork and mac-n-cheese.

i woke up pretty early this morning so i could clean the waffle maker ( we have not used it in like a year) & start on his birthday waffles.

i used this recipe. 

it is really simple-your basic waffle recipe.

i basically put everything i can in clear jars. it makes everything seem a lot cooler. right?

this is by far my favorite sugar to use!

i also have so much love for my little salt jar.

i picked up these chicken sausages from whole foods & they are delish!

mix all the dry stuff & the cold stuff together.

you have to set the table pretty right?

& wrap packages really cute.

i put some candles on his waffles so he could make a wish. 

so handsome. mr. estes is by far the best man on this planet.

he bought me this cup & i pretty much use it all the time.
one thing you will learn about me is i have a ton of coffee cups. it is a problem. 

dexter was allowed to sit on the stool today.

i will always choose home made cards over store bought ones.

then i put the balloons on dolly & she did not like it one bit. if you would like to see a video you can check it out on my instagram 

tonight we will go with some friends to eat some mexican food. 


Mrs. Estes

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

starting fresh.

i have been blogging on word-press for a while now, but not regularly. something is always going on & i don't make enough time for it. so i am starting fresh. a new blog, simple name, & full of exciting things. i have switched to blogspot bc i am not tech savvy & this is easier for me to do things on my own. for all of you who want to stay & go through this blogging life with me i am so excited. thank you.

what to expect? crafts. baking. adventures. friends. family. missions. life in general.

i am starting a new adventure with my friend mrs. ivey & i cannot wait to share with all of you the details of this venture.

since this is my first post on a new site & we are on the topic of starting fresh here are some facts about me.

1. my favorite color is green.
2. i am in the process of learning haitian creole! (mwen renmen ayiti!)
3. i am in love with thrifting.
4. i have 2 cats- dexter & dolly.
5. i love love love photography. this is a growing passion of mine & i love learning anything to do with capturing moments.
6. i just celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary in may.
7. i love to travel.
8. i love coffee.
9. i still have no idea what i want to do with my life. 
10. i love  a good pair of jeans. 

also, it is finally summer. my favorite time of year, when you eat ice cream all the time & lay out by the pool with your closest friends.

1 thing i do need for  summer is a swim suit & i have my eyes on these.

i like the sporty/cute look & these are perfect. you can follow me on pinterest to see all of my favorite summer looks. 

cannot wait to get to know all of you over here on blogspot & cheers to new adventures!

Mrs. Estes