Tuesday, September 30, 2014

what color should i choose?

i know i posted recently about me coloring my hair & how i was going to go blonde, BUT all these colors popping up on my pinterest page are so exciting.

now i am at a crossroads. blonde? red? hints of green? i have no idea. these are some of the colors i am thinking about.

this one is my favorite. 

who doesn't love blonde?

& these are some of the cuts i am thinking. 

i am also getting my nose pierced again which i am really excited about! i had my nose pierced back in 2006 and kept it for about 4 years. i miss it on the daily. 

some change is fun, & these changes are def, FUN!

Monday, September 29, 2014

outkast weekend.

good grief. i am tired & my feet hurt, it is 1:15 & i am on my 2nd cup of coffee.

i am in the process of finding other work since we are moving back to the country & this past weekend got offered to work for a event company for the outkast  show which was 3 days. my sister got me the job so thank you a ton.

can i just be honest? what in the world is wrong with people? vip tickets were around $250- i cannot help if they were sold out. no you cannot come back to my vip section & offer me money and weed to get in. no i am not a hoe because i will not let you in. no i will not take your picture posing like a crazy person beside the bushes. yes i will chase you when you jump the fence from the street thinking you are going to get past us when you do not have a ticket. no i will not marry you. no you cannot take a picture with me and my sister. no were are NOT twins. yes for pete's sake we are sisters- if you have to ask us if we are twins and we say no then obviously we are sisters. no you cannot slide under a fence into vip and say to us " they won't kick me out because i am pretty" & think we wont escort you out. end rant.

thank god for shenea, leon, james, chris, kj & all the other awesome people who helped control all the people this past weekend. we met a lot of cool people, saw outkast play 3 times, met amazing new people - 1 who we now claim as out little brother & the company is a great company to work for.

we did a lot of walking this past weekend- we took marta a lot & most importantly we got to spend a lot of time together. so here are some pictures of our feet.

& stairs at marta.

& here is some food we ate.

escorpion- love this place

hudson grille- i have been to the one on peachtree street before & it was great- the one we ate at on sunday was marietta street & probably some of the worst customer service i have had in a very long time. DON'T GO THERE.

villains wicked heroes - i always love stopping by this place. really cool vibes & the food is always great. gonna miss this place & being so close to it. 

leon was really excited to meet him.

she is a pretty one you guys & she turns 25 next week! where has the time gone?

got a really busy week this week but looking forward to moving & getting everything ready for school.


mrs. estes

Thursday, September 25, 2014

pop overs.

i love being surprised.

cory is out of town this week playing for andy velo & i am at home most of the time by myself.

last night i was watching the show "about a boy" which is really funny. i hear a knock at the door & it is my sister & her future brother in law. at first i was like man i have to get out of my pajamas & when she asked if i wanted to go for coffee i was so happy. it doesn't matter that i had already had 2 cups already. 

next thing i know i was walking down peachtree street on the way to cafe intermezzo.

i know i write about this place all the time because it has my absolute favorite caramel cappuccino. ever. but i cannot help it. it is that good.  

a little but of cinnamon on top & BAM. you have yourself a little bit of heaven in a cup. seriously please do yourself a favor & go order this coffee right NOW. 

this is patrick. 

she is so sweet & gorgeous. 

on this new show i am watching they call surprise visits a pop over. i am pretty sure that is the best phrase ever. tonight i am having another pop over with bethany! 

"nashville's" new season came on last night & since we both do not have cable we are going to watch it tonight on hulu. i am hoping my sister will join us as well.

p.s. got a part time job working security for events. pretty excited. 


mrs. estes

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

date night.

monday after work i went home to pack some boxes. i have also gotten 4 bags of stuff to throw away, how in the world have i gone through life holding onto this much stuff?

anyways, our dear friend derrick went fishing in alaska & was so sweet to bring us some fresh salmon back! cory cooked it along with some broccoli for dinner & we enjoyed it while watching sherlock holmes on tv.

this pumpkin beer. it is so good. 

can you believe this weather in georgia? it is gorgeous. 

after dinner we took a walk for coffee. we are trying to soak up as many walks in the city as we can before we move. 1 month to go. 

cory left last night to play with andy velo for a few days. i will pick him up at the airport sunday morning & then head straight to church. going to be a busy day for sure.

miss him already & atlanta i am going to miss you too. 


mrs. estes

Monday, September 22, 2014

travis pates & pizza.

you guys- seriously this weekend was so busy but super fun! my sweet sister was in town working music midtown so we had a lot of time together, but i loved every minute of it. we had time for pizza, jack & coke, flying biscuit & lots of talk of future plans. i cannot even tell you how happy i am to be so close to this perfect little sister of mine. she has grown up so much & makes me so proud. love you shenea!

 she bought me a ticket to go  to a makeup class with travis pates. he is the bomb.

i have never taken a makeup class before but i figured it would be fun- i mean travis worked on the hunger games, underworld, & wanderlust- just to name a few. you can check it here.

now, lets get to the fun stuff.

i will let the photos speak for themselves.

it was so amazing to see this process from start to finish, to be inspired by things and pull them together to make this. so impressive. i know my sister is going to go places, her passion in art will speak for itself. taking what she does on a canvas and moving it to a person is going to be so cool to see  unfold. i know i am rambling but i am so proud!

the finished product. 

the last one is my favorite. our model was cristin azure & she is gorgeous. she is also super sweet & i believe it must be refreshing for a makeup artist to be able to work with someone so sweet and patient. you can see more of her walking dead stuff here

thank you travis & cristin for an amazing learning experience, it was beautiful.

 thank you to my beautiful talented sister for the ticket!

& thank you to norcostco for letting us use there space for the class & if any of you need makeup or costumes GO THERE. they have a ton!

zombie makeup class is on me!

 you can follow travis on instagram here


mrs. estes