Saturday, November 29, 2014

diy christmas wreath.

so in the spirit of the holiday season i decided to make our own christmas wreath this year.

reasons: 1. bc have you seen the prices of wreaths at the store? good lord.
              2. its a diy project!

before. got this one at hobby lobby on sale for $5

i bought all these little things to hot glue to it. present box & candy cane balls made it fun.

aren't they cute?

i added some christmas balls & it turned out so pretty. what do you think?

it is now hanging on my door & i could not be more happier with the outcome. i feel so proud!

happy christmas season.


mrs. estes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

diy kiddo scarves.

my newest little obsession is making these cute little scarves. i also don't mind having this cutie as our model.

i love the checkered pattern. i feel like both of these are unisex. 

cannot wait to make more cute things for all of the cute kiddos of the world! i have been trying to find more things to do to make money & use all this creative talent the lord has blessed me with. cheers to open doors & lots of fabric. 


mrs. estes

Friday, November 14, 2014

eggs, chorizo, tortillas & coffee.

so since i am "unemployed" right now i have been living a very house-wife life & i actually really like it. i have been making breakfast, lunch, dinner, cleaning all sorts of things, sewing pillows, planning creative shoots with my sister, finishing a dress i have been working on for about 2 weeks, folding laundry, having marshmallow roast in the backyard on a blanket with some of my closest friends, & everything else you can imagine.

this was today's breakfast.

needless to say minus not having my husband there it was amazing. 

i have a fond appreciation for chorizo. yummy!

other things going on in my life:

planning a christmas santa shoot complete with snow.
planning some things to raise money for a haiti trip.
working with my sister with some business ventures.
sewing children's scarves (they are for sale) with ashlan.
working with my mom on a few projects.

see. i am a busy girl.

on another side not i would like to just give a huge THANK YOU to the people who have been such good friends. i feel like some people come & go in life. some stick around for quite some time & you create such a bond with them that you become so thankful for, they become life family. i don't need to name them because they know who they are. there are some people who come in your life & impact you in such a way & then your lives get busy & you don't see them as often- to all of those i miss you. 

please say a prayer for us, trying to plan a trip to haiti is really exciting & makes me a little nervous. it will be a lot different than other trips i have been on, but i miss haiti so much, & my sweet wilderson. 


mrs. estes

Sunday, November 9, 2014

a day in rome.

yesterday my sweet friend ashlan had a photoshoot & she kidnapped me so i could get out of the house. so we went to rome. quite a magical little place i might add- we had lunch at jefferson's & then headed to berry college. gorgeous campus.

while ashlan was busy at work i decided to snap some pictures of T. she is the cutest! check them out for yourself.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

tinslee's first birthday party.

took a minute to get around to posting some of these, but now they are up. i started a facebook page for my photography stuff to keep it all separate. this first birthday was the cutest, & not just the little one being celebrated. her dad built the cutest little lemonade stand, her mom worked so hard on all the little cute strawberry cupcakes from scratch if i might add & tinslee was celebrated with all her loved ones.

see ^^ cutest cupcakes ever.

ashlan did all the little white chocolate dipped marshmallows. 

^^ by the looks of it, i would say she loved her cake. 

here are a few more from the day.

t & her dad. so cute. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

its been a while.

sorry it has been so long since i have posted. it has been a very busy season for us. we have moved back into our little house in carrollton & we are loving it. just had a super fun halloween party. my basement is full of boxes that need to be unpacked. fall season is upon us & i started last night with a pot of pinto beans & chicken soup. my little 3 year old friend lyla comes over most days for a raspberry soda & a cup of raw cashews. day trip to savannah in there & a family photo shoot. enough with all the words, here are some pictures.

family photos i took.

savannah cotton exchange.

met this pretty lady & she let me take her picture. 


cory playing. 

sweet lyla.

shenea's 25th birthday. 

shenea's 25th birthday. 

chicken soup. 

halloween costume ( makeup by my talented sister)

one more of the costume. 

pot of pinto beans. 

since we finally have another computer i can post on the regular again.

it is good to be back!


mrs. estes