Thursday, November 19, 2015

long walks and being an adult.

who doesn't love walks in weather like today? i walk to the dry cleaners. i walk to get coffee. i walk just to walk & get fresh air. did i mention i walk for coffee?

today dockery & i walked to the hospital to get a coffee & chocolate chip cookie. i stayed on the phone with state farm becoming more of an adult. getting better insurance. getting renters insurance & LIFE INSURANCE. that last one is a bit weird. when they start saying things like "well, if your husband was to pass away you want to make sure you & your children are taken care of"- i DO NOT like to think of life without cory. that is just weird & makes me super sad.

cory & i have been married for four years (almost 5) & today we joined our cell phone accounts. so basically today i have saved us a ton of money & become way more of an adult. it feels good. now to buy a house. have a few kids. get a new car? nah. not right now. one thing at a time. even though a kid sounds good right about now ;)

carrollton - thank you for a gorgeous day. 


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

life lately.

where has the time gone these last few weeks? i have been incredibly busy.

                                                     we went to a ben rector show.

                                                              we had anticos pizza.

                                                                     lots of coffee.

                                               had some really good banana pudding.

                                                                i made a wreath.

                                           took some photos of the cutest family ever.

my mom adopted a new puppy!

had dinner with a bestie & got my nose pierced again. 

fegens is finally in the USA! they will be married THIS weekend. 

took a road trip to tennessee.

this weekend is going to be a fun one. our good friends are finally recording an album. my best friend is getting married. time away with my love. 


love this time of the year. 

- e

Monday, November 16, 2015

day trip to cleveland- tn

this past friday cory, myself & our friend dockery took a little trip to tn. i was so happy to have the day with cory, bc he literally works all the time to provide for us.

so our first stop was chattanooga - we stopped in the coolest coffee shop called revelator coffee  

you guys the menu was the smallest ever BUT it made me so happy! i love simple menus. the place was gorgeous & clean & i had the BEST iced cold brew.

this little tart was a sweet potato with granola. YUM!

& the best part is there is one in ATLANTA now. follow them on facebook for updates!

after chattanooga we drove over to cleveland & stopped at jordans bbq

dockery grew up on this bbq so it was nice to see one of the places that makes him feel at home. 

i had the pulled pork sammich. yum.

THIS was the BEST part of the bbq (except for the sweet tea) banana freakin pudding. it was warm & made my heart super happy. 

after lunch we stopped by pathway bookstore that also had coffee.... i know I'm an addict. we picked up a c.s. lewis book that we haven't read & of course picked up another coffee. it was a rosemary honey latte & it was delish & i believe the coffee shop was called bonlife. bonlife is all about fair-trade which i am a HUGE supporter of. 

after my 2nd cup of coffee we wondered around downtown cleveland. cute little town! 

one of the oldest clothing stores 

um.. hello there. my sweet man is looking mighty fine. 

all in all. good day trip & i think our next one is going to be just as fun. 

where is your favorite place to road trip too?

am i the only one that is a little addicted to coffee?


Sunday, November 15, 2015

diy autumn wreath.

funny story: our neighbors/friends the crawford's hate when people decorate for christmas before thanksgiving , so to be funny i put my christmas wreath up on the front door & waited to see if they would see it. cory even stated to me, "evanda take that down" & i refused waiting to see if i would get a reaction. alison & russ were driving past our house & sure enough alison told russ to look at our front door & behold the christmas wreath #winning

now, i did not have a fall wreath & we have been looking for a while, i just couldn't find one that i really really liked.

so. my sweet husband decided to stop by hobby lobby & pick out everything he thought i would like to make a fall wreath. you guys! what? how did i get so blessed with such a thoughtful man? THANK YOU JESUS. he did an amazing job bc literally everything in the bag i was obsessed with. little pumpkins, little acorns, little baby corn, feathers, sunflowers - i was surprised to say the least!

the acorns are the CUTEST!

so people have been asking me, how do you even start? well for me i always pick out the focal point & build around it. with everything that cory got the sunflowers were the biggest & i had two of them so i built around those. 

to start i put the feathers on the back of the wreath to fill in some empty spots. 

then i added the brown stuff- i say stuff because i have no idea what it is called. 

i didn't use the orange - i am saving that for another project. 

this stuff has wire so it is easy to wrap around the wire wreath frame in places to hold it tightly together. 

then i added my focal points. 

i put one on the top & bottom & then added all the flowers to fill in gaps. 

the little corn added so much of a thanksgiving vibe & the little pumpkins pulled everything together. 

you should try it! it is so fun to pull something off the shelf year after year that YOU made. this is also a reminder of my sweet husband & how thoughtful he is. seriously, do you know many guys that would do this? i love our little wreath!

what kind of project are y'all working on for fall?