Monday, July 14, 2014

weekend recap.

well. this past weekend was so busy. as you can see i had no time at all to blog & def. forgot my camera.

wedds came in to town on friday! we are all so excited to have him here & i cannot wait to post pictures of his adventures. he had a really busy weekend filled with fun & friends so the next few days he will be relaxing with his favorite little brother zeke.

friday we had a photoshoot with a family of 5 & it was super fun & an incredible learning experience. when you are doing photography with someone there is so much to learn. what are each others strength and weaknesses and how to work  around all of these things. i am so thankful for ronda, she is so gifted & def.  more experienced than i am so she is showing me the ropes a little.

saturday jessica & i threw our dear friend jena her baby shower for lily. her first baby girl! jessica should really be a party planner bc she is so detailed and everything she does is extremely thought out. here are some of the pictures from the shower. *please excuse the quality as they were taking with my iphone*

all in all it was a great turnout. amazing food & amazing people getting together to celebrate a new baby coming into this world!

after the shower i went over to the pool at our friends house and hung out. little zeke is the cutest you guys!

his mom is too.

sunday we went to church & cory lead worship. i always enjoy watching him lead it makes my heart skip beats. courtney took wedds to the aquarium & there will be more on that later, but here is the sweetest picture i took of them at church on sunday. 

we asked wedds what he was most excited about while being here & his response was, "seeing zeke".

heart =melted

this was on the bus going back to marta.

this was picking him up at the airport. i almost cried. it was the sweetest moment. 

we have so much more in store for him while he is here. i am so excited to show you all of his adventures.


mrs. estes