Wednesday, July 9, 2014


this little guy. his name is zeke. he is by far the cutest little boy i know & i am so blessed to be besties with his parents. his mom is my business partner & my daydreaming partner. he can say "banda". he knows his colors. he correlates snoring with my husband. he will carry on the cutest conversations with you. he is so so smart for his age. he loves soccer.  he brushes his teeth and will ask for more paste. he is a typical "boys boy" & i absolutely adore him. i love watching him play with cory. he will get his little pop rubber gun out and shoot cory, cory will fall to the ground in a very epic way & zeke loves it so much he will say, "again, get up" & cory gets up & does it all over. it really does make my heart melt. 

cute right? i took these this past weekend. 
here are some more i have taken over the last few months.

look at this. how young he was. so stinkin cute.

love being able to watch this little man grow up. he is surrounding by so many people that love him. his parents are amazing & i am sure you will see a lot more of him on my little space here. 


mrs. estes