Wednesday, April 6, 2016

new paint, new sheets, new cabinet!


thank you to everyone that made this project possible. to every person that donated. your donations made so many incredible things happen for some very deserving kids.

if you can remember, i posted here about their rooms before & why i wanted to fix them.

here are a few photos to refresh your memory.

no sheets. no pillows. no color. no life. 

its crazy to see these photos & know what they look like now. 

with projects like these you never know how things are going to turn out in haiti. this paint was unlike anything i have ever seen. it was so strong & you had to take many breaks while you painted to get some fresh air. to get this paint off your body you have to use gas. the great thing about this paint is its the best quality paint in haiti & you can wash the walls if something gets on them. with a room full of boys i knew we needed the BEST paint. this painting team did the best job. with rollers falling off every 5 minutes. with all of the headaches. you guys are troopers. i am so thankful for all of your hard work & how much love you show them. what would i have done without you??

KIM you are the BOMB!


Mom (our paint expert) & Kim. 

sweet tia. 

we mean business about this paint. 

we didn't plan on painting the ceilings but we started them this trip. 

kim was always smiling!

diana taking a much needed break with sweet maurice. 

the kids kept coming inside & saying WOW, it is so Beautiful. they really really really loved it. they were so excited about just the paint & they had NO idea that we were giving them sheets & a pillow & having their cabinet fixed. as you can see in this photo above they literally just had a piece of fabric on their mattresses. YOU guys that donated made SO MUCH happen. 

here they are working on the cabinet.

the kids wanted to have their pictures made with the cabinets. we are painting the inside of them in june. our cabinet guy came late (haitian time) & we wanted the outside to be fully painted before we did the inside. 

look at those smiles!

before they were putting their stuff under their mattresses & under their beds. i gave them all a lesson on taking care of these cabinets & how people worked really hard to get them fixed. something so little to us means so much to them. we let them pick out their sheets & they helped diana & i put them on all of the beds. it was so fun doing that with them. 

they wanted photos on their beds, with their new sheets & pillows in front of their NEW cabinet. 

most of these kids sat on their beds just looking at their new cabinet. they sat there watching it get fixed. they say there watching us paint it. it made me so happy to see them so excited. 

before they were pink & so ugly. NOW they are white & shiny & beautiful!

makendy on his new sheets. 














marvens showing off his new sheets. 

when these kids go to sleep at night, they have sheets & a pillow now. i am praying when they close their eyes this room feels more like a home. i am praying that these little changes spark new dreams for them. that this project shows how much so many people care about them. 

when you get into bed tonight & lay your head down on your comfy pillow- think about these kids. say a prayer for them to dream good dreams. to dream dreams of everything they want to be.

THANK YOU to everyone that made this possible.