Thursday, January 28, 2016

its ok to dream.

what are they made of? are they made of helping people. baking a yummy cake. owning your own landscaping company. starting a garden in your backyard. traveling the world. adopting a child.

for all my sweet babies at CAD they have no idea what it truly means to dream. they have no idea of even the possibility of what dreams are made of. they don't even know that its ok to dream. when you are surrounded by such a mess everywhere your dreams are on the back burner. when you have no idea if you will get 1 meal a day or 2 meals & if you are lucky you can get 3. the most basic of needs is what they know to hope for. it crushes me. it drives me to make a way for all of their dreams. its sad. to see these kids & how much potential & how amazing they are & THEY have no idea of what is on the inside of them waiting to be awoken. they don't even know the potential they have because they have never had anyone look at them & say what do you want to be? they don't even know to think that way. when they go to sleep at night in their awful rooms that are filled with nothing of inspiration they have nothing in their dreams other than fear of their future & what will happen to them. they are children. sweet kids that have never had parents to comfort them. to hold them when they cry. to cultivate their imagination. can you imagine? i am so blessed to have a mom that always let me push the creative envelope. i wouldn't be who i am without her.

with all that being said one of the projects we are doing in march is teaching them to dream. teaching them that when they put God first he will give them the desires of their heart. now someone literally asked me, is it ok to teach these kids to reach for something that may not happen? if you want to see me really angry please please please ask me that to my face. i will not mind speaking my thoughts. how could you ever say that. a child's dreams are what shape so much of their character. THEY are the ones that will change their country. THEY are the next generation of kids to be leaders. to own businesses. to help others in need. to be doctors. to BRING TRUE CHANGE. they are worth it. every single tear i cry. every single one. i could never look at them & say your dreams do not matter.  i want them to know when they think of their future & what they will be they have peace. i don't want them to be scared. these are children. i can't even imagine what its like for them BUT i can do something. YOU can do something.

my mother, myself, grace & tia will be going to haiti march 18th & staying on CAD property & doing a lot of projects BUT this one i am really excited about. we will be completely re-doing the boys bedrooms. right now they are depressing. they are sad. you might say what does a bedroom matter? it matters a lot. these kids go to bed at night & their little minds fill up with their worries. will i get food tomorrow? will i get water tomorrow? we want to make it a space when they sleep at night their minds are free to think of possibilities. to dream. to be excited about making a difference in their own country. THEY WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. we want to create a space that holds them responsible for something. they will each get one cabinet for all of their belongings to go into. THEY are in charge of putting all of their stuff into it. we taught lessons everyday this past trip on taking care of what you are given. if you want God to bless you with more you need to take care of what you have been given.

so how can you help? if you would like to donate to help us do all of this you can. you can email me -- & let me know. these kids do not even have a pillow. what we are thinking is buying each kid a twin sheet set along with a pillow. we will paint. i have photos of all the kids i am printing out to hang in their rooms. photos of their smiles. photos of happy things. along with some cool posters. this might seem meaningless to you BUT it means so much. we have to teach these kids that its ok to have happy thoughts. to want a better future. to KNOW their is good for them. KNOW their father wants good things for them. pray about partnering with us. baby steps that will lead to HUGE things. i can't wait to do this project. we will be going back in 50 days. we can do this together.

bondye beni ou. mesi anpil. tanpri lapriye pou nou.

-- e