Thursday, April 7, 2016

farm class 101.

HUGE shout out to BECKY CHAPMAN. your donation made this class possible. i am so so so thankful. please come back to haiti again. SOON!

oh my goodness. you all know i am such a nerd when it comes to self-sustaining BUT i was literally freaking out about this class. i was also hoping the boys would love it too & they did. alix had it set up that i could take some boys (we took 11) & they would get a tour of everything. i picked 11 boys. sonson, dadou, robenson, wilderson, jerry, makendy, dawensky, pipito, ronaldo, saint-franel, & jameson. my older boys. we loaded the bus & headed down the road to double harvest.

these glasses are my inspector gadget glasses. am i right? when i wear them this is what i think about.

robenson is sitting on my lap bc he hates the air conditioning. he hates the smell. he was so funny bc sometimes he can be so over the top. he's like "evanda, i don't like the smell of the air." I'm like what???? so he sits on my lap. at one point all of us were so hot & we realized they had all turned the air off on our seats hahahaha.

so we start the tour. our guide was incredible. he told the kids everything you could imagine. how they start the plants & then transfer them to the ground. how they plant them. how they water them. where the water comes from. the kids were asking so many questions & i was almost crying bc i was so happy they were interested in everything. these kids LOVE learning. they just need someone to show them the way. farming is an incredible thing to learn. in haiti so many things grow naturally. these kids need these skills, they could be future farmers that employee people to support their families. teach them to farm & they can feed their families & help others in need. give back to their communities. 

i love seeing all these photos below bc they were on my phone. the kids took turns taking photos. they were really interested in everything here. 

it was so so so hot & i was literally laughing bc some of our boys had on hoodies! 

so pretty!

dawensky & makendy in their hoodies.

jameson. i think his head was a little hot hahahaha.

double harvest is such a beautiful place where they grow veggies, trees, plants, flowers, they have fish, & chickens. they have 300 people working there most days. the farm was started by an american man in the 90's. it has a school. a hospital & is a magical little place. i buy everything i plant at CAD here.

the fish. 

they had just caught some!

all the babies. 

planting the seeds. next time in the 2nd farming class the kids will be able to plant some seeds & get more involved in everything.

the compost piles. one thing i love about their compost is they add rice to it. it holds moisture in the hot sun longer for the plants. so cool!

all the pretty plants!


ronaldo, pipito, & makendy.

saint-franel, ronaldo, pipito, makendy, dadou.

so pretty.

i can give the kids food but i can also teach them how to grow their own. so much you can do with that lesson.

we did a tour of the fish. the chickens. the compost. everything! they learned so much. so when we go back we will have an advanced class where they will buy some plants & veggies & they will plant what they picked out & be responsible for taking care of it. we will also take another beginner group.

after their class we took them to a nice lunch & then to the supermarket to get stuff for dinner. my mom made tacos that night. we also let each of them pick out an ice-cream.  most of my photos were taken by the kids- so it was fun to see things from their point of view. fun to see what was important for them to capture.

mom & jerry. he held her hand for most of the tour. so sweet. jerry is the sweetest kid & has been at CAD for many years. his parents both passed away in a car accident. 

sonson & ronaldo.


mom & pipito. 

diana & her sweetie makendy.


wilder son with his coke after the tour. 

ronaldo, jameson, & dawensky.


jerry & pipito. 

robenson listening to music. he listens to "sorry" by justin  like 13993 times a day. 

gosh. i love this kid. he has gotten way too big. that smile melts my heart. he's sweet spirit is contagious. 

ronaldo, jameson & dawensky.


ordering food. 

robenson & saint-franel.

love them so so much.

keeping it cool.



i was so happy to take them to this place to show them how everything operates. one of them could be a farmer one day, you never know. i want to show these kids possibilities. i want to inspire them to dream of their future. i want them to know their options & what could be. so when they lay down their heads on their new pillows & tuck themselves into their new sheets they can dream happy dreams. they can dream of their future & think about what God wants for them. so much potential in these children. so much purpose in them. when you donate to my trips THIS is where the money goes. it goes straight into these children's lives. thank you for making it happen. thank you for investing in them.