Friday, April 8, 2016

la cabane night with the girls.

i usually stay at la cabane hotel  when i am in haiti. i love the atmosphere, the food, but mostly i LOVE the owners. tina & mr. pierre have become like family to me. i feel like i am home when i am there & with my days full of physical labor & sometimes more emotions than i know what to do with i love to come there at the end of the day & just hit refresh. i always push groups to stay there, because i know they will be in good hands.

if you are ever around that area GO STAY or go visit & have a dinner looking out at the lake. the sunrise and sunset will take your breath away. sit down with them & have a conversation. get to know them & listen to them share their thoughts about anything & everything. you will NOT be disappointed. order rice, beans, a cold coke & the chicken or goat. YUM! i always run into friends when i am there. it seems everyone else has the idea of taking a break there. love giving this place my business & i cannot wait to see them in june. this photo below was taken by alix- an incredible brother, friend, manager & photographer. this was the view at the hotel in january of this year. gorgeous.

so one night we took the girls there to get away. its not far from CAD but sometimes just being in a different place is fun for them. we were at the end of the week & this was an added on thing that we did so we didn't have money for dinner but i scraped up enough to get them some cold coke to drink. my mom had a bracelet craft planned with them too. we gathered all of them besides a few who had gotten into trouble & when i am there you have consequences when you are disrespectful. on the way there the girls were singing with me, teaching me to count in kreyol, singing me songs & it was so fun. nerlande kept saying, "oh evanda ou pale kreyol gwo" i was like um nope m' pale kreyol piti m' pale kreyol dousman. hahahah. it makes me feel good when they say i say things right. they really are the best teachers.

mom just taking it all in. 

when we got there all the girls got to see there old friend taina. you might remember her from my posts about her heart surgery. she  now lives with yvrose & just so happened to be at la cabane that night. they were all so excited to see her. please check out what yv is doing with hope house for haiti. she is an inspiration. she is the person that inspired me on this journey when i first met her in december of 2013. she is lead by the spirit & has so much heart in everything she does. 

look at all my pretty girls. 

pretty girls. kathia & babissa.

the cutie in pink was our winner. banaelle. i love seeing pictures of us together from my first trip to haiti december of 2013!

they each helped each other make their bracelets. they try to teach me to make these bracelets & i can NEVER learn. 

even the adults got involved.

wadler & i. love getting to know him & his heart on this trip. 

i love this photo. wa-wa is the only one ready. 

my mom & i. i feel so incredible blessed to have her on my trips with me. she is always so protective & making sure she watches out for me & the decisions i make. its nice to have someone on your team that is watching out for you. seeing her in haiti & loving these kids gives me so much joy. to come from a place where i would talk & journal about feeding kids who didn't have anything & having my own orphanage when i was 10 & now walking this journey with my mom is amazing. thank you for always supporting me. thank your for your prayers & being a huge part of this journey. you will never know how much it means to me. 

THANK YOU to la cabane for letting us come & eat. THANK YOU for always making me feel welcome & at home. THANK YOU for letting my kids spend a little time there. i cannot wait to see you guys in june & i cannot wait to see how much God blesses you guys.