Sunday, April 10, 2016

dear nancy.

on this journey in life you can only hope that you are blessed with genuine friends. i am here to tell you that i feel so blessed. alix & nancy you guys are the real deal.

almost a year ago i met one of my favorite people on the planet. june of 2015 i met alix. one of the nicest, most sincere & funniest people i know. cory & i love him & i consider him a brother and a huge part of our family. you guys should only be so lucky to meet him & the people that have will all agree with me. however, behind every good man is usually an even greater woman.

nancy. you are the sweetest. when i first met you i was like oh my gosh SHE IS SO PRETTY, i will always tell alix, "are your friends jealous because you have the prettiest & sweetest lady in haiti?"

 i spent some time talking to her & she might seem shy & reserved but her heart speaks louder than words. when i see her with all my kids, helping them with their lunch & making sure everyone gets enough, & then when i see her loving on the children i feel so blessed to know her. i like to think i am a good judge of character & from the moment i met nancy, i was drawn to her. her heart is contagious. there is a light in her that shines so bright & that light can only be described as jesus.

here she is with my son, wilderson. look at those smiles. 

you might not know this but she is apart of  a clown therapy group, it is called CLOWN Therapy Haiti. go visit their facebook page & give them a like. if you are in haiti & you want an amazing group to visit your kids HIRE THEM. it was such a fun day & i cannot wait to have them come back in june.

nancy is the one in the middle, & her sister is on the right. 

now, you tell me that nancy is shy? look at her. you know what that tells me- with nancy there is so much more to her & i want to know everything. she is someone i want to spend time with. she is someone i want to be friends with forever. nancy can we please be friends forever? 

you can hire them & they will do games with the kids, they will sing songs, they will make balloons, they will even face paint. i got the prettiest butterfly this last trip.

so to everyone that gave on this last trip part of your money went to hiring this AMAZING group to bring so much joy to the kids lives for a day. the kids had SO MUCH FUN.  sometimes just a moment of happiness for these kids means so much. it means SO MUCH to me to see them smile. i also love supporting this group. they are making a HUGE difference in haiti & i want to continue to support what they do. if you are interested in supporting them let me know. if you want to hire them let me know. if you want to pay to have them visit some kids email me. together we can make a bigger difference.


a papaya eating contest.

look at makendy. hahahah!

the kids had so much fun!

god is putting some amazing people & groups on my path. please be in prayer with me & for me. god has BIG plans & i want to be an avenue for him to work through. 

nancy. thank you for being my friend, my sister. i am so blessed to know you. i pray for you everyday & look forward to spending more time with you. i am so happy god put you & alix together. together you guys are going to do incredible things for the kingdom. you are such a beauty inside & out. thank you for doing what you do. thank you for serving the lord. thank you for making a difference in the lives of all the children you are with, in your home, in your country, & in my life. you are so special & i know god has things planned for you that you haven't even thought about. i am praying he opens doors in your & alix's life. i pray he gives you strength to walk your journey. there are people out there that only you can reach. thank you for being a blessing to me. see you soon my beautiful sister. 

mesi anpil pou tout bagay. mwen kontan nou tout, se zanmi. mwen pa ka rete tann yo wé ou nan mwa jen. 

- e