Tuesday, April 12, 2016

boys night at la cabane.

i know i just wrote about this place BUT i have to talk about the boys night too.

as you all know we re-did the boys rooms- like completely. painted. new sheets. new pillows. their cabinet fixed. a new door so they don't have to walk into the kitchen- which is pretty gross. i was so excited to do this project & so thankful for every person that donated to get it done.

we also like to do fun things with the kids. so we took them to la cabane to make pizza- that was interesting because we didn't have a stove so we made cold pizza. hahahahah. BUT the kids loved it. nothing like a crust, pizza sauce, parmesan cheese, herbs, & pepperoni.

we will be taking the kids back to la cabane in june for a night of good food, fun times, & a lesson on business by the owners who are dear friends of mine. the cost of the 2 nights for food is $300. if you would like to donate to this you can do so on our go fund me page HERE. the meal will be chicken, beans, rice, plantains, & a drink! it is going to be so fun. give these kids a good meal (which they need) & a lesson on something they could possibly do in the future.

bus rides with my boys & my mom. 

these boys are the BEST. i get so excited thinking about their future & what they will be. 

jerry & that smile. 

these boys are so well behaved & polite. i was so proud & thankful. 

sweet wilson. he has the cutest laugh & when he gets tickled about something it is the BEST thing ever. 

i think they had a little fun. 

making pizza. sorry for the quality of photos- robinson was taking photos for me on my cell phone.

something so small as a visit to a hotel down the road really does mean the world. 

thank you all for your prayers. 

- e