Thursday, April 14, 2016

fun fun fun.

i love to teach the kids at CAD valuable lessons but lets be honest, i love to have fun with them.

look at marvens smile, i am sure he was having some fun. 

most days these kids have a certain routine: get up at 5am. chores. showers. breakfast. school. nothing. dinner. nothing. bed. in the summer its worse. get up. showers. breakfast. nothing all day. dinner. nothing. bed.

if that sounds awful, its bc it is. these children have no activities during the day. fun ones at least. one of the things i am working on changing. we are putting a few systems in place so these kids have time to be creative, have fun, play games, & learn new things.

on our last trip my mom had the funnest (of course that is a word) game planned. we had them split into two teams. they lined up & a about 200ft ahead of them were 2 chairs. so on the count of 3 one kid at a time would run to the chair, eat an oatmeal pie as fast as they could, blow up a balloon, tie it & then sit on it & pop it, then they would run back & the next person would go. so it was a competition & these kids take those very seriously.

check these photos out!

alix & guytho went firs to show the kids how it works. 

alix had some problems with his balloon. it blew away & he had to run & get it.

robenson & herlin!

this kid is so competitive. 

wilson got to play!




he needed a little help with his balloon. 





KAYLA! love this girl. 

tia helping reginald. 


grace, my mom & kim.




they were running so fast. 






neal even stopped by & played with us. 




wilderson, he kept letting people go ahead of him. 

the winning group. it was so fun!

junior decided to go. 

even one of the teachers got involved. 

alix had another game planned & it was like our marco polo except this game is on land & your blindfolded. everyone gets in a circle & then 2 people get in the middle. each person is blindfolded & one person has to capture the other. the circle of people sets boundaries for everyone. it was so fun.

here are some behind the scenes. 



grace was of course kicking the soccer ball around with the kids. 

love dawensky.

it was so fun. something so small can mean so much. 

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