Thursday, February 18, 2016

tears, shoes & bookbags.

this was one of my favorite things to ever be apart of in haiti, for a few reasons. 

one of the reasons is how it all came together. it is amazing to me how things work out, i start to try to put it all together in my mind & then i get lost in the beauty of it all. 

i can't say THANK YOU enough to Cortland Partners  for everything they have done for the kids at CAD orphanage. this shoe giveaway was incredible & the kids were beyond excited. 

we had all the kids sit down & diana (who is truly put in my path by God) got up & was able to speak about how she found out about these amazing kids & what her company did for them. i was holding back tears the whole afternoon because i am just so happy that people come into my life & want to give to these kids. before we handed out book bags we cory lead us in "good good father" - which is the song we taught them while we were there. so, we handed out book bags for each child & inside the book bags were their shoes all wrapped up, pouches with pencils & erasers for school & some other fun stuff. after each child got their book bag they sat down & waited for every one to get theirs. 

marthe seriously had the CUTEST book bag!


they were so cute opening their bags. 

they immediately were trying them on. the cute thing was they didn't realize shoes were supposed to have a little room in them.  they are used to people just donating extra shoes & picking from them- whichever shoe fits the most wins kind of thing. so for these kids to get a pair of shoes that fit them was amazing. 

the kids were so cute the rest of the week, always had their book bags on. they would clean their shoes & put them on the roof to dry. it was amazing. my heart was so full. 

to see diana be apart of this & all the hard work she put into this come to fruition was beautiful. she fell in love with these kids & when i see that happen it makes me so happy. so happy to have people come in your life & work with you towards the same goal. changing these kids lives. 


i cannot wait to see these kids! we have so many projects we are doing in march & i am supper happy about it - if you haven't read about them you can do so HERE

HERE is our go fund me link if you would like to be apart. 

i have so many things to share but i can't yet. when everything is done & ready i will & i am in tears thinking about it. HUGE things around the corner. i am so excited about it & i literally cannot wait to share. 

-- ee