Monday, February 1, 2016

oh the joy of peanut butter & a kids smile.

i was so happy to take my mom to haiti with me. she is an amazing cook, baker, interior designer, make up artist, listener, crafter, who am i kidding- she can do anything & she does all of it amazingly.

so i was excited for my kids to meet her & have her teach them some of her magical ways.

we did the BEST baking class & these pictures are sure to make you smile.

for the baking class- we made peanut butter balls & the kids had the choice to roll them in peanuts or cocoa.

photo cred to my little assistant robenson for taking most of these photos. he LOVES taking pictures & i LOVE cultivating that in him. 

i loved that we got to do this with jennifer (light blue shirt) she left that week to live with her mom again! 

you guys- this was SO FUN.

we split the kids into groups & pepe picked a leader at every table. the leader would mix the peanut butter recipe- which was peanut butter and powdered sugar. once it was to a certain texture each child made little peanut butter balls & rolled it in peanuts or cocoa or BOTH.

love this lady!

peanut butter hands!

giveline LOVED the peanut butter balls!

at one point i was over at wilderson's table & i was telling him how to mix it up better- of course he didn't want to get his hands dirty but with baking sometimes you have too. i literally tell him what to do & then to split it so everyone gets to make one & then roll it in whatever they want. i turn around to tell pepe something turn back around & IT WAS ALL GONE. everything on the parchment paper was gone. i was like WHAT! they have peanut butter & cocoa all over their faces. jameson was trying to hide it. wildersons hands were covered in peanut butter & i was laughing so hard. it was so funny. boys will be boys. i literally had so much fun watching them do this. THEY love learning & they probably have never done anything like this before. there are probably some future bakers in there. future restaurant owners in there. you have to show them there is so much they are capable of.

we had left over peanuts & peanut butter & they wanted it. 

wilderson! hahaah. this photo makes me laugh! 


jameson & his little wink. he's such a sweetie!

ronaldo (aka big kervens)

they are all a big family. 

she's so cute! love little mickerlange!


i can't wait for march. my mom has some more cooking recipes planned & one night we are going to make dinner together!  i am just so happy to see these kids smile. it truly is the small things that matter most. time spent with them. telling them they can be whoever they want to be. it also makes me so thankful for my mom & all she gave to me. being able to learn recipes, make cookies with her, have art projects- these kids do not get that unless we go there & do it with them. their happiness is important. ah! i could look at these photos all day. such a fun day!

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- evanda