Wednesday, March 2, 2016

some thoughts & some photos.

its march. whoa whoa. 2 weeks until i am on a plane to haiti again. WHAT! so exciting. 

*my family in haiti this past trip*

we still have some money to raise  but it always comes in at the last moment. some exciting things happening in my life right now & i cannot wait to share more about them. i want to have everything together & organized before i start talking about it. i have prayed & prayed & feel peace about this direction in my life. i feel like all these little steps i have been taking has led me to this place.  the feeling i had in my post about calling & passion  still rings true. so keep up with my blog so you can read first hand some exciting news. 

jennifer- you are such a joy. i pray for you every single day. i am so happy you were able to go back to be with your mom. 

Nerlande- you have such a sweet spirit. you are always smiling or laughing. always helping with the younger kids. you are such a joy.  i am so thankful for your willingness to always help. 

robenson- i am just amazed at your sweet heart. soon you will be baptized & i am just so happy for you. i can't wait to see you & i can't wait for our farm class. the lord has such a plan for you.

these kids you guys. you should come with me sometime & meet them. get to know them. ask them questions. let them ask you questions. on my first 2 trips to haiti i was real reserved i guess you could say. i was around all these children that had no one & they didn't speak any english & all i could do was just play with them. on my 3rd trip to haiti everything was different. i take time to get to know these kids. i started q&a with them. i gave them a chance to ask us questions. whatever they wanted to know. i remember one little girl asked me why i loved children so much. it almost made me cry but it also made me happy that she felt & saw how much i loved them. the same little girl was really concerned when i told her i wanted 6 kids- she was worried how i would feed them only have two boobs. hahahahahahah. i was like um. whoa. i don't want them all at the same time hahaha. 

kids. gotta love them. 

this next trip in march we have some devotions set up with the kids. 3 groups. we will talk about dreams. purpose. vision. desires. personal relationship with the lord. self worth. 

so many topics. so needed. 

can you imagine? you get sent to a place where you eat rice almost every day. you get water every once and a while. you share clothes with everyone. you have no one to love on you. no one to tell you to dream. to tell you that the lord has such an amazing plan for your life. no one to comfort you when you are sad. sometimes their stories are a lot darker. my sweet boy wilderson is from city solei. it is one of the worst cities in haiti. his parents died when he was young & he was raised by his bother. some things started going missing from the house & his brother would blame him & then beat him. he was also made to work on some machines that left little scars on his arms. eventually wilderson ran away from his house & ended up at CAD july of 2013. my first trip was december 2013. he was the first child i bonded with in haiti & he is my sweet sweet son. today i got a voice text from him & he was talking & couldn't stop laughing. he does this when he is nervous. which is exactly why i make him lead prayer. lead songs & put him on the spot as much as possible. 

these kids are future leaders & they will bring TRUE change to haiti. they will always know the LORD is their provider. they are overcomers. they are resilient, bright, loving, funny, talented, amazing kids. so if you get tired of hearing me talk about them or seeing my go fund me pages (soon i won't need these) or seeing me post about how much  i miss haiti & them -- just unfollow me. i will always fight for these kids. i won't apologize for  it either. 

see you soon. 

- ee