Monday, July 27, 2015

travel update & a haircut.

as you all know i was planning on going to haiti in september with my mom & cory, but we are changing things a bit. there is a bit of an issue with my moms passport that we are trying to get straight so right now we are putting all our efforts into our winter trip for the art/music school we are doing for CAD. roll with the punches right?

i will be going to haiti october 3-9 with LUKE 101. we will be extending the garden we built at CAD which i am really excited about. the garden is growing so much & i am so proud of the kids for taking such care of it! thank you to guytho for always checking on it for me, YOU are so important to me & those kids. i feel so blessed to be apart of LUKE 101 & so blessed to continue to do amazing things side by side with them.

see the progress? i am so proud of them! ahhh! i cannot wait to hug their necks & tell them to their face what an amazing job they  have done. i am also thrilled that we are making it bigger! ahhhhhhh! i literally could cry i am so excited. please pray our big garden grows beautifully & that these kids continue to learn from this experience. this garden brings so much to these kids. 

a side note- i got my hair chopped off & i love it. needed something new & easier. 

this past weekend we got to take a little trip to see wedds & celebrate so many amazing things. his birthday which is just around the corner, the fact that he got baptized! PRAISE GOD & he was selected for a traveling soccer team. this was my first time meeting his US family & they are priceless, genuine & they love wedds so much, which is so evident. the lord blesses us in so many ways & it never ceases to amaze me how he connects us all together. 

-- E