Tuesday, July 28, 2015

coffee shop hangs & planning.

& these are a few of my favorite things.

a. planning- which means planners- which means evanda's happy moments all in one beautiful book.

 i love planning, i love writing goals down, coffee dates down, cory's work down, chores, meals, all of it. even if i have already done something i will still write it down and mark through it- i know it sounds crazy but i have always done it.

when i was a kid i use to write down the map of my room & make a list of everything that was in my room- dresser, bed, rug, lamp- all of it & then i would carefully select the best place to put it in my room. i did this once a month. kids would be outside playing & i would re arrange my room over & over & over.

i ordered my new planner after carefully looking for a very long time. i ordered mine from paper source. this literally makes all the difference in the world to me- a pace to fit everything, pockets for certain receipts, stickers you guys! this one has stickers for special days. i forget so much these days because i am just doing so many different things & with cory being a contract employee on most jobs i have to keep up with all of his work for mile purposes at the end of the year.

 planner- life saver

if you sign up with your email you can get 10% off your first order which is not a whole lot but its the thought that counts.

this is the print i chose. ahhh. in just a few days i am sure you will see a pretty little picture on my instagram of it. it was $28 & a good use of my money bc this helps with my sanity.
2015-2016 ban.do Florabunda Spiral Large Planner

am i the only one out there that loves planners? planning? organizing?

surely not. 

b. coffee shop hangs-  i love everything about coffee shops. the cute little pastries. the smell of espresso. everyone running around like they are off to do something really important. today i am having a  busy day at a local coffee shop i frequent a lot with my husband. he is off today which i am really happy about. he is taking care of all his stuff with his worship job, & all the other things he does. so even though we are not talking or sharing a yummy little brownie its so nice to look over & see him right beside me. ronda will be meeting me up here in a few & i hope she brings that yummy little baby with her. 

is it weird that i describe babies like i would a dessert. i do that all the time. let me kiss those delicious cheeks. let me see that sweet little muffin. or like above- yummy little baby.

i am sure this will continue when i have my own. which hopefully will be soon. 

all these babies makes me miss all my kiddos at CAD- i will see them soon though!

-- E