Friday, July 10, 2015

rice, beans & bags.

vbs is a huge part of just about every single trip i take to haiti.  i always love to see what the teams come up with & love to be a part of it any way i can.

this was my first year serving up fresca which is  like our version of a snow cone. the kids LOVE it. 

this little sweet pea got 2 cups.

all the kids lined up to get a cup. 

all the kids from CIY were so great with the kids. i always love seeing them be so open & loving with them.

every place you go you end up playing soccer. these kids are so good.

one of my favorite places we visited was pastor destiny's church that is being built. i learned that the community is putting there money into building it which made me almost cry.

  1. Three quarters of Haitians live on less than US$2 per day and half of the population earns less than US$1 per day. Access to education is low, with illiteracy rates almost 50%. In rural areas, almost 90 percent live below the poverty level and basic social services are practically nonexistent.

    these are supplies that they are putting in a room until they have enough to keep building. i am amazed on what this community surrounded by voodoo temples is doing. 

    the kids there were the cutest & wendy did an amazing job teaching. we passed out cookies, water & peanut butter sandwiches to the kids. we played games & did some coloring. 

    jusme is an amazing man. he writes songs & teaches them to the kids. he is the perfect translator. we are blessed to know him & he is such a blessing to those kids. the people that the lord places on our paths makes you realize how 

    we also did some distribution in villages. we all packed bags of rice, beans & hygiene kits. we teamed up & walked door to door taking turns praying for families and practicing our creole. it was an amazing thing because our last home the lady was deaf & it just so happened that a girl in our group new sign language & was able to speak with the lady. God works in amazing ways. thank you to every single person that donated money to make these things happen. you have know idea how much a simple bag of food, how much a toothbrush and toothpaste means to  families. it means the world. seriously. 

    thank you to everyone that spends time in prayer over luke 101. thank you to everyone that spends time in prayer for me & every single trip i take to haiti. thank you than you thank you. to know i have such a huge support means everything to me. i need your prayers & i am so thankful for them. 

    continue to pray for my upcoming trip to haiti in september with my family. 

    bondye beni ou. 

    - E