Monday, May 4, 2015

a weekend well spent.

i have a list of "to do's" today that seems a little impossible, but with God all things are possible right?

ok. so  the other day i was able to spend the day with my mom. we went to lamar's donuts in alabama. they are my favorite for sure & i was so excited to share the experience with my mom & step-dad. we got a dozen mix-n-match & i might have ate 3 in the first day.

looks good right, they were. have you been? if not, drop what you are doing & head that way.

i am so happy for my parents. they have been through some really horrible times lately. the kind where you want to drop everything & say forget this, i cannot take it anymore, BUT they didn't. they continued to be faithful to give, continued to be faithful to the LORD & he has so richly blessed them & i am so excited to see this new path they are on unfold. God truly wants the best for us, sometimes the "best" for us is not what we think we need, but in the end when we give everything over to him & surrender & say, "God i trust you, you have everything under control" we see what HIS plan is for us. HIS plan is so much better than our own. we cannot even comprehend his love for us & i am so thankful i can live this life knowing i have a father that loves me so much. 

PSALM 37:4

Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.

  1. 1
    please (someone) greatly.
    "an experience guaranteed to delight both young and old"
    synonyms:please greatly, charmenchantcaptivateentrancethrill
    gladdengratify, appeal to; 
    informalsend, tickle pink, bowl over
    "her manners delighted him"

my favorite defining word would be "captivate"

captivate yourself with the lord, build a relationship with him that is not based on what you need at the moment, but truly seeking his heart, & replacing your thoughts with his. filling your heart with things that are all about the father. he gave his LIFE for us, that is literally everything. we can find 5 minutes to take the time to say, God YOU are so good, you are so faithful, thank you for this day, thank you for another day to live for YOU, to let YOUR plan for my life unfold. guys, we can't sit back and just wait. time is so precious. lets make every moment count. every word count.

someone told me the other day that someone had told them that i only had time for people that are "all about haiti". well. yes. hahaha. i am so happy that people see me that way. i am about the fathers business, & I am so happy that I know what the lord wants me to do with my life. i have spent so much time searching, wondering, walking down the wrong roads & now i am here. i have peace with what i need to be doing. i am not ashamed of that one bit. it isn't all about haiti, its about the lords calling on my life, that is what i talk about, that is what i pray about, i have tears, i have sad moments when i long to be there with those kids, i have tears when i hear a fundraiser raised $6000 for better nutrition for the CAD kids, i have moments of complete humbleness when i realize i thought i was going to go there & bring all this "change" to them & it was completely the opposite- this country, these people have helped me realize my purpose on this earth, opened a door that is changing me from the inside out, changed me in so many ways. it is such a compliment when people tell me that i am all about haiti bc it is a constant reminder of all the change the lord is  making in me.

so this past weekend was a good one. a weekend well spent with my mom & reminding myself that the lord cares about every detail of our lives. i already started packing donations to take to haiti in june.

i have a HUGE yard sale so please be in prayer that we sell so much stuff. all proceeds are going to missions in haiti. 

if you would like to donate to the CAD kids you can do so on this site

ALL proceeds from this site go straight to Luke 101, which is the non-profit i volunteer with. 

hope you guys all had a blessed weekend.