Wednesday, June 3, 2015

busy is an understatement.

so busy in fact. i have been so bad about updating the blog so i am sorry to all of those that read & haven't seen anything from me. i leave for haiti next wednesday & i am so excited- SO EXCITED. i cannot wait to hug all by babies & see everyone. every single trip i make new friends & welcome someone else into my family & get welcomed into theirs.  i am so thankful for the opportunity & so thankful for all the prayers & support.

one of my best friends had her new little boy a little over a week ago & he is the cutest. i am so thankful for gods promises & that he is so very faithful.

look how cute he is.

now i have major baby fever-thanks ronda.

ok- just a few more.

dad & son

sweet little jasper.

let me just tell you- this lady looked crazy good after having a baby. my husband saw her the day after & she looked she was ready for a dinner at the beach!

zeke was so curious about how tiny he was. cannot wait to watch these 2 grow up together. we sure do love this family. 

other stuff going on:

i have been helping my mom with her new house, a ton of diy projects & painting every single room.

cory's 32nd birthday is coming up.

i will be 30 in september! WHAT? of course i will be in haiti for my birthday celebrating with cake at the place that holds my heart with all my kids, my husband & my MOM! that is right! she will be making her first trip to haiti in september for my birthday & i cannot wait for her to see haiti & meet everyone! i know she will fall in love just like i did.

my sister tied the knot at the cutest little farm wedding this past weekend. i now have more family! she was beautiful & the wedding was everything that she wanted.

so i have been super busy.

hope everyone out there is having a great beginning to the summer.