Tuesday, April 28, 2015

bike rides, snow cones & a date with jillian.

big title, i know- you guys there has been so much going on in my life. today has been the first day when i have a "lazy" day, so i can put everything here- for all of you to read. i love my readers!

we have been bike riders lately. russ will get his kids on their bikes & next thing you know i hear lyla saying, "mrs. evanda". heart melts & then i am like cory get your bike. i love having friends as neighbors, makes my heart happy! we rode our bikes to get a snow cone the other day which is like a 3 mile bike ride if you just go their & back, but we rode around the neighborhood & then rode there. lets say 4 miles one day. it was so fun & the snow cone lady even took our picture to put on her Facebook.

saturday night i put a pot of pintos on to cook through the night & they turned out so good. my friend dockery say my instagram post & next thing you know he is over having a bowl.

mmm. i love them. so much.

sunday was like the perfect day, i love those days that you just think about over & over again. we went to church, came back home & ate these pintos, hung out with dockery & then my parents stopped by to say hi. we sat on the porch in our eno & just enjoyed the day. russ came by again & next thing you know we are riding our bikes again all over town- probably about 5 miles, maybe 6. after being in the sun all day, i got a craving for ice cream so we drove everywhere looking for a cone, but its sunday & everything is closed. ingels had what we needed. so we come back home sit on the porch & then i got a video call on imo from guytho- he was at CAD & i got to video chat with all my sweet kids at CAD including these two.

love those kids so much. june is right around the corner. i pray for these kids every single day. please join me in praying for these kids! God is so big & can open really BIG doors.

if you would like to donate to CAD you can do so here
all proceeds go to CAD to get water, & support better nutrition!

yesterday was my last day filling in at my old job, which i am thankful for because i am going to buy my ticket for my june trip tomorrow! i got to have one of my favorite coffees yesterday- twice.

dancing goats is so good- if you find yourself in decatur ga please go here. get the caramel latte hot or iced.

i met up with jillian after work and we went to mac mcgees

i had a cheese plate & she got bangers & mash. i am irish & i enjoy irish food & the conversation from a life long friend. we always have the best talks & friends like her are never replaceable. 

love you jillian- jillyvans foreva!

also- she is planning a really awesome fundraiser for CAD in August & i cannot wait to give you guys more details. 

other than all of this i have been searching for grants everyday on the computer, writing sponsor letters, & planning lessons for the girls at CAD for the june trip!

hope your week has been well so far.

love you all