Tuesday, April 7, 2015

haiti march/april 2015 part 2.

i have no idea how many posts i will be writing but here is my next go at it.

 part 2. 

one of the days we were there we got to visit real hope for haiti.

one word- AMAZING. 

my friend christina has been working there about a year, & we were so excited to take some donations & see what this place was doing. to all who gave baby clothes, tuna, little toys, bottle nipples, & baby spoons- they went to this incredible place to help so many little ones. 

 its hard sometimes to visit places like this, bc your sad & think to yourself "how does this happen" 
but you also see so much good. the good is what i try to walk away with. we got a tour of the ICU room with all the little bitty babies, we saw where they kept medicine, the ER & let me tell you that place is so well organized. it is inspiring to see these people & know how many families they help. they take care of malnourished babies & they take care of adults as well. when dd & i were doing the walk through i was blown away by the file cabinets, lol i know that seems crazy, but i have seen so many things unorganized that it makes me crazy. i LOVE being organized & when you are dealing with children, patients or whatever its so important to have information in some kind of order. i can't remember exactly what the numbers went too- but i remember like 122 thousand patients- it was probably more. i am so happy we got to see this place. we went to the room where babies are getting a little better & spent a little time with them, but not as much as i wanted. we went to the er & a little one had just passed away & that was really hard. i didn't take any pictures there bc words are better in this situation. 

if you are looking for someone to support that is doing something truly incredible PLEASE consider supporting this amazing place. 

you can visit there site here & read everything about their team, how they got started, follow their blog & read just about anything you want to know. the site is very to navigate.  

this is a little piece i took from the website:

The purpose of the clinic is to meet physical needs as RHFH understands this to be a Biblical mandate. It is RHFH’s desire that any work we accomplish to meet individual medical needs will allow us the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The clinic is an outpatient clinic in rural Haiti that is operated by Real Hope for Haiti. It provides a variety of medical services to the surrounding communities. These services include, but are not limited to, health care education, preventative medicine, prenatal care, primary care (including treatment of infectious diseases, hypertension, diabetes, malnutrition, etc.), limited emergency services, minor surgeries, wound care, as well as limited lab services. The clinic also dispenses medicines required for the treatment of the illness that is presented. If the clinic is unable to treat a patient due to the complexity of the case or lack of resources, the clinic refers the patients to a larger regional health center. The acting director of the clinic is Lori G. Moise, a registered nurse in the state of Indiana. She works as a nurse and provides the emergency and wound care to patients and is also responsible for managing the organizational aspects of the clinic such as hiring staff, monitoring staff performance, generating patient reports for the Haitian Government, corresponding with supporters to keep them aware of the needs, researching and applying for grants, and educating herself to better serve her patients. The clinic also employs four Haitian nurses to perform general consultations and provide patients with health care and nutritional education. In addition, the clinic also employs numerous support staff who assists in the clerical and organizational aspects of the clinic.

praying for this clinic, praying the lord gives them strength, praying for favor & that the lord meets every single need they have. 

                                            “A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.”

― William G.T. Shedd

much love,