Monday, April 6, 2015

haiti march/april 2015 part 1.

going to break up my trip into a few blog post bc there is so much to say.

part 1.

this trip was really different than the last two i was on. usually i am in a group with about 20 other young college students & adults. this time- 2 people. dd & i recently became connected & found out that we are really kindred spirits, i was so excited at the chance to go to haiti again i literally jumped at the opportunity. it was so great getting to know her & finding all the things we have in common.  i love you so much dd & i am so thankful for your heart for haiti.

this trip was about making connections for future trips, seeing what needs need to be met & spending time at one of our favorite places- CAD. between the 2 of us we took about 8 bags which we were super pumped about, we had to pay for the hotel, the car to rent, gas, all the things regarding food when we got there for the kids, so it was a lot of researching & having people check on things for us (thank you christina). the place we stayed out was on the lake & kathy who's family owns it is one of the sweetest people you would ever meet. one morning she brought her cousins daughter out, shayla, & we got to have some baby time. this girl is gorgeous. seriously.

the hotel was pretty nice & the staff was so welcoming & sweet. when we were talking to kathy she said it was so important when people are in haiti doing mission work to have a place to come back to where they can just let it all go. it really is an emotional process if you have been once or 14 times. so much need & often you feel like you aren't doing enough. i have been keeping the verse below close to my heart.

Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.

sometimes i would go & sit by the lake & thank God for every little thing i have. i would pray that things that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things wouldn't matter to me. i prayed that the lord would change my heart for the better. i prayed that he would bless me with people in my life that are furthering the kingdom. i prayed that he would help my heart to not break when i left- that one really didn't work too good, but my friend ronda said it best when she said i had better resources here to help them in the long run. i carried those words with my every day after she said them. 

this guy fed the fish every single morning. i love this picture, its like he's being washed by the water.

the fish would swim into this contraption bc they knew they were going to be fed & pretty soon they would be too big to get out lol, so they ended up on a plate at dinner. 

this guy above is fegens. i learned so much about him this trip. i already knew he was great with kids, but this trip proved it so much more. i love his sweet spirit & how he was willing to help us in anyway he could. he is also dd's fiance which makes him so much cooler. anytime we needed water- he got it. he led the kids in songs, & the kids LOVE him. he drove us everywhere. every.where. lol. we had the worst car trouble while we were there to the point where we  were just like OH MY GOSH! so annoyed. he fixed everything for us- took the car where it needed to go, he translated for us, anywhere we wanted or needed to go he made sure we got there. thank you fegens.

grimix or gibson whichever you prefer. thank you for hanging out with us almost everyday. you are a special young man & i am praying that the lord directs your path to greatness & you would be a blessing to so many people. 

junior, THANK YOU for the paintings & my special little duck. you are the kindest guy & i am so thankful to have a brother like you. have fun in brazil & i am glad that bag could be of good use to you. i will see you soon i am sure. my mom loves her painting. 

GUYTHO! i love you so much. cory & i both do. i am so glad you were with us everyday & i am still sad you didn't come to jacmel with us. thank you for being such an example to those kids. they all look up to you so much. i pray for you often & i KNOW that the LORD has amazing things planned for your life. thank you for translating, thank you for helping us all week, thank you for all the good talks, thank you for taking pictures for me- THEY ARE SO GOOD! i cannot even tell you how proud i am of seeing you praying for that little boy who wants to be a preacher. he is in your life for a reason & you never know what that prayer can do. like you said- if we say in Jesus name- its gonna happen. i love your heart to give. you give everything away & the lord sees that. always put the lord first. 

sam! so good to see you & get to know you better. even if you love politics & government so much. thanks for taking us to jacmel- it was gorgeous & i think it is so important for people to see the beauty of haiti. i forgive you for ordering fish that made me sick lol. i can't wait to see you soon, take care of that sweet fiance of yours. she is the BEST.

christina, you are a treasure. i cannot even express how amazing real hope for haiti is. at first you want to be sad & wonder how in the world babies could be that small, how parents couldn't take care of their little ones, but then seeing how you change lives every day is so inspiring. i am so happy we could bring things you guys could use & i look forward to bringing stuff to them in the future & loving on all those kids. they are so sweet. i cannot wait to share more about what real hope for haiti does, it is truly amazing. 

loved meeting this sweet lady. sometimes i feel like the lord has blessed me with this gift to see truth in people. i guess sometimes that can be curse bc you get disappointed a lot, but not with this lady. she is a gem & the lords presence is all over her. she has the sweetest personality but i love that she gets things done. thank you for praying with us, thank you for your love for haiti, thank you for putting these lives before your own. thankful for you. i cannot wait to get to know you more & work with you in the future. 

i can't wait to write about part 2 sometime this week. there is so much to say. there is so much to do. i feel so restless when i get home, like i a missing out, but i know that the lord will always make a way for me to be in haiti. i want to share more thats on my heart, but there is just too much right now. i figured i would get the easy stuff out of the way first lol. be sure to check in on the blog in the days to come on more about this trip & ways you can help!


mrs. estes