Friday, September 5, 2014

hello september.

september: you are the best. you can wear a sweater or you can decide not to.

 you can wear boots with dresses.

 you can roast marshmallows over the fire. it is that time for everything pumpkin. pumpkin muffins that my dear friend alison makes gloriously. pumpkin spice latte. pumpkin bread.

recipe here

the leaves start to turn colors & the weather could not be more perfect. it is also time for my birthday- 8 more days to be exact. i will be 29. what? big things happening in the next year or so. maybe a baby? eek. are you just as excited as i am at that? we looked at a rental property the other night back in carrollton & it is perfect. small little cottage with 2 bedrooms and a basement for all of cory's music stuff. i feel like i am moving into a very different time in  my life. i have thought about going back to school, i have babies on the brain & a move is in the future. a lot of change which is why i wrote my post yesterday about restlessness. i am really excited and really nervous about all of these things & i feel like i am moving into a new level of trust with God. trusting in his plan for this big adventure called life. please follow along with me for this next step in life. i promise it wont be boring.

in other news my sister got engaged! i am so excited & cannot wait to start planning.


mrs. estes