Monday, September 8, 2014

vintage frozen custard.

this place is golden. a hidden little treasure with about 4 parking spots off of howell mill in atlanta.

how i love you. i think about you all the time. i am sitting at my desk at 8:39 thinking about all the flavors and mixes i have yet to try. is it bad that i went there twice this weekend? 

my first stop was with jillian & i had the chocolate cookie crumble.

chocolate custard with chunks of cookie & chocolate syrup. 

my sister came to spend the night with me & we went thrifting and i just had to take her there to experience it too. 

i love when she borrows my clothes, it reminds me of when we were younger. 

this time of i had the coffee strudel. 

vanilla custard with coffee caramel & homemade shortbread cookies. 

this one is my favorite so far, but i am thinking i want to try the blueberry one next! 

who wants to be my date?


mrs. estes