Thursday, September 25, 2014

pop overs.

i love being surprised.

cory is out of town this week playing for andy velo & i am at home most of the time by myself.

last night i was watching the show "about a boy" which is really funny. i hear a knock at the door & it is my sister & her future brother in law. at first i was like man i have to get out of my pajamas & when she asked if i wanted to go for coffee i was so happy. it doesn't matter that i had already had 2 cups already. 

next thing i know i was walking down peachtree street on the way to cafe intermezzo.

i know i write about this place all the time because it has my absolute favorite caramel cappuccino. ever. but i cannot help it. it is that good.  

a little but of cinnamon on top & BAM. you have yourself a little bit of heaven in a cup. seriously please do yourself a favor & go order this coffee right NOW. 

this is patrick. 

she is so sweet & gorgeous. 

on this new show i am watching they call surprise visits a pop over. i am pretty sure that is the best phrase ever. tonight i am having another pop over with bethany! 

"nashville's" new season came on last night & since we both do not have cable we are going to watch it tonight on hulu. i am hoping my sister will join us as well.

p.s. got a part time job working security for events. pretty excited. 


mrs. estes