Monday, September 29, 2014

outkast weekend.

good grief. i am tired & my feet hurt, it is 1:15 & i am on my 2nd cup of coffee.

i am in the process of finding other work since we are moving back to the country & this past weekend got offered to work for a event company for the outkast  show which was 3 days. my sister got me the job so thank you a ton.

can i just be honest? what in the world is wrong with people? vip tickets were around $250- i cannot help if they were sold out. no you cannot come back to my vip section & offer me money and weed to get in. no i am not a hoe because i will not let you in. no i will not take your picture posing like a crazy person beside the bushes. yes i will chase you when you jump the fence from the street thinking you are going to get past us when you do not have a ticket. no i will not marry you. no you cannot take a picture with me and my sister. no were are NOT twins. yes for pete's sake we are sisters- if you have to ask us if we are twins and we say no then obviously we are sisters. no you cannot slide under a fence into vip and say to us " they won't kick me out because i am pretty" & think we wont escort you out. end rant.

thank god for shenea, leon, james, chris, kj & all the other awesome people who helped control all the people this past weekend. we met a lot of cool people, saw outkast play 3 times, met amazing new people - 1 who we now claim as out little brother & the company is a great company to work for.

we did a lot of walking this past weekend- we took marta a lot & most importantly we got to spend a lot of time together. so here are some pictures of our feet.

& stairs at marta.

& here is some food we ate.

escorpion- love this place

hudson grille- i have been to the one on peachtree street before & it was great- the one we ate at on sunday was marietta street & probably some of the worst customer service i have had in a very long time. DON'T GO THERE.

villains wicked heroes - i always love stopping by this place. really cool vibes & the food is always great. gonna miss this place & being so close to it. 

leon was really excited to meet him.

she is a pretty one you guys & she turns 25 next week! where has the time gone?

got a really busy week this week but looking forward to moving & getting everything ready for school.


mrs. estes