Wednesday, September 24, 2014

date night.

monday after work i went home to pack some boxes. i have also gotten 4 bags of stuff to throw away, how in the world have i gone through life holding onto this much stuff?

anyways, our dear friend derrick went fishing in alaska & was so sweet to bring us some fresh salmon back! cory cooked it along with some broccoli for dinner & we enjoyed it while watching sherlock holmes on tv.

this pumpkin beer. it is so good. 

can you believe this weather in georgia? it is gorgeous. 

after dinner we took a walk for coffee. we are trying to soak up as many walks in the city as we can before we move. 1 month to go. 

cory left last night to play with andy velo for a few days. i will pick him up at the airport sunday morning & then head straight to church. going to be a busy day for sure.

miss him already & atlanta i am going to miss you too. 


mrs. estes