Monday, September 22, 2014

travis pates & pizza.

you guys- seriously this weekend was so busy but super fun! my sweet sister was in town working music midtown so we had a lot of time together, but i loved every minute of it. we had time for pizza, jack & coke, flying biscuit & lots of talk of future plans. i cannot even tell you how happy i am to be so close to this perfect little sister of mine. she has grown up so much & makes me so proud. love you shenea!

 she bought me a ticket to go  to a makeup class with travis pates. he is the bomb.

i have never taken a makeup class before but i figured it would be fun- i mean travis worked on the hunger games, underworld, & wanderlust- just to name a few. you can check it here.

now, lets get to the fun stuff.

i will let the photos speak for themselves.

it was so amazing to see this process from start to finish, to be inspired by things and pull them together to make this. so impressive. i know my sister is going to go places, her passion in art will speak for itself. taking what she does on a canvas and moving it to a person is going to be so cool to see  unfold. i know i am rambling but i am so proud!

the finished product. 

the last one is my favorite. our model was cristin azure & she is gorgeous. she is also super sweet & i believe it must be refreshing for a makeup artist to be able to work with someone so sweet and patient. you can see more of her walking dead stuff here

thank you travis & cristin for an amazing learning experience, it was beautiful.

 thank you to my beautiful talented sister for the ticket!

& thank you to norcostco for letting us use there space for the class & if any of you need makeup or costumes GO THERE. they have a ton!

zombie makeup class is on me!

 you can follow travis on instagram here


mrs. estes