Monday, August 18, 2014

vacation part 1.

i really was hoping to wake up and see the ocean today, but sadly i am at my desk working. vacation got off to a pretty rough start, but read on please- it got better.

last friday after work i drove to ronda's to pack up the cars and then head to augusta to pick up cory. he was playing a show with andy velo at the country club. when we got there i texted him to let him know i was there & then he called and told me the club let someone walk out with his book-bag- & then he told me our macbook pro was in the book-bag. i felt my stomach drop. we just bought this computer & all my pictures were on it. needless to say cory was pretty angry & couldn't shake it for a while on vacation.

say a prayer they find the guy with our stuff. the club knows who he is & we are hoping they are proactive in getting it back.

we drove through the night to ponce inlet & as soon as we arrived everyone took a nice long nap. i actually loved driving through the night bc we got a whole extra day from our suffering. all the girls, (ronda, megan, jill & i) drove in one jeep and the guys in the other. we made plenty of stops for drinks and junk food & kept busy playing games & talking about anything & everything.

 the condo we stayed in was  ponce inlet club south. this was my view every morning.

gorgeous right?

we stayed in the bottom condo so you walk out the door and the pool was to your left and the ocean was right in front of you. i am reminded of the lords awesomeness every time i hear the ocean. something about it is so calming. 

now onto my favorite part- the food. yum. in one post i wrote about some places i read about & wanted to try & some of them were amazing. 

our first stop was tia cori's

you could tell it was going to be good, i love those small little hole in the wall places where the line is out the door, don't you?

i had ordered a mexican torta, but they ran out of bread so i got to order whatever i wanted off the menu at no extra charge- score. fish tacos for me & 5 different tacos for the husband. 

cory also ordered horchata.

the scenery was also nice- i mean check out this post office right next door.

so pretty!

cannot wait to share more & trust me there is a lot. if you are ever wanting to try somewhere new to visit- i highly recommend ponce inlet! 


mrs. estes