Tuesday, August 19, 2014

vacation part 2.

you guys- i really really  miss the beach. is it hard for you the first week back at work after something so magical? it is really hard for me. i feel like i daydream all day about all the other places i want to go & the wanderlust sets in & before i know it my boss is calling my name and wakes me out of my haze.

we ventured out to this mall like place that was filled with restaurants & clothing shops & ice cream stores one night for dinner. we had decided on bubba gumps which cory & i went to when we were in the mountains. it is a really fun place to go & if you loved forest gump you will be amazed. they do trivia when they come to your table, the whole place is filled with quotes from the movies, it is decorated like rooms that were on the movie, it is basically the movie set. i had a sampler plate which i ate too quickly to take a picture of, cory had a bunch of fried shrimps & then we settled on cold stone creamery for dessert.

we took some pictures after. so enjoy these.

cory wanted to pose by the trash can. it is what it is.

i love this picture, which is why i posted it twice.

seriously, this guy is a ham. it was so cute to see him in the water. he loves it!

the place i am posting about tomorrow is going to have a full post of its own. seriously one of my favorite places to eat at the beach now, the portions are gigantic and the prices are on point. cannot wait to share with you guys!

what are some of your places to go on vacation?


mrs. estes