Tuesday, August 5, 2014


the travel bug is upon me. in 4 days we will be headed to daytona to relax on the beach with some of our close friends. after the last few days i have had this is much needed. i don't even care about doing much of anything, i just want to sit in my chair in the sand, drink in hand and soaking up the peaceful sound of the ocean. am i right or am i right?

needless to say i have been reading so many travel blogs this week and already want to plan  my next adventure. i was thinking about going to haiti to actually visit and see the beautiful country for my 29th birthday. just like 3 days with some close friends. i love a good adventure & haiti is one of my favorite places to be. as i was reading some blogs this morning i stumbled upon above the clouds.
first: this is amazing. they literally schedule these trips & most of the time they are places off the beaten path which is so much more exciting. can you imagine not just the places you will visit  but the people you will meet? my little adventurous heart is beating 90 miles a minute just thinking about it. the places they go are limited BUT they are places that they really know, places some of them have lived or traveled  many times.

one of the places they go is patagonia. you guys- seriously breathtaking.

they go to india- i was reading ohdeardreas blog when i stumbled upon this amazing site. check out the adventure she is embarking on.

i also started following this blog for travel stuff. if you want to daydream in an organized fashion check this blog out for real. you get maps- details (i love details)- i seriously stalk her blog. it also helps that she LIVES in europe! a little jealous about that.

i cannot wait for daytona. i was looking up the best hole in the wall places to eat and found these

1. pat's riverfront cafe
2. tia cori's tacos - $1.50 tacos & $4 margaritas.
3. chucherias -- this place looks like finger foods & all of the pictures look yummy
4. cracked egg diner - all day breakfast - yes please- they also have sandwiches, & you know how i feel about sandwiches. i have a board on pinterest dedicated to them alone.
5. hidden treasure rum bar & grill
6. down the hatch seafood - the view is incredible, which does not hurt

here are some photos from #5- looks. so. good. i am also going to post their menu bc i will want to look back at this and stare at options of what to eat.

cory is more of a mountain guy, his one request when we go to the beach is all you can eat crab legs. here you go sweet thing!

can you tell i am a little excited. here are some photos of the actual beach where i will be sitting all week.

i also found out that the lighthouse here is the tallest one in florida. it dates back to 1883- it was completely finished in 1886. you can read more about this history by clicking on the link.

if you have ever been to this area please let me know some good places to visit. i really would like to find a local seafood market so we can make some of our own creations for dinner.


mrs. estes