Thursday, August 7, 2014

1 1/2 days.

i know. i can't stop talking about it. is my excitement obvious? so close to having my toes in the sand with some amazing people. i feel like everyone going on this trip has been going through the ringer this past week. financial stress, wrecks, irs, car problems, stress from work, you name it & it has probably happened.

i just google pictures of the beach sometimes. 

we are doing this trip right. cory has a show with andy velo friday night in augusta. after work tomorrow i am driving to carrollton to load the cars and get everything ready, leave around 9:00 for augusta, pick up cory after his show, then make the 6 hr treck to daytona beach, florida. it is going to be a long day & night but i am so excited. my boss told me to get some of the rockstar drinks - that has natural caffeine. i think we will need to try them out.

the good part is we will have a whole extra day with our toes in the sand. the place we are staying is letting us check in whenever we want which is super nice and i really appreciate that. after a good nap our plan is to head to sam's club and buy some groceries. i am taking my nutra-bullet so i can make some healthy smoothies, we are going to buy sandwich stuff, and some things for grilling. if we eat out i'm gonna try & do lunch bc it is so much cheaper. the places i found on my last post are very reasonably priced. trust me i check these sort of things out.

i cannot wait to take pictures of the trip, but i am more excited to just enjoy every second of the time i am there. i was telling ronda the other day i cannot wait to just throw my worries into the ocean. i am going to try my best to not stress about the $1200 dentist appointment i have to face when i get back. so say a little prayer for me.

                                                                           mrs. estes