Saturday, June 28, 2014

birthday part 1.

today is my sweet husbands 31st birthday. i love birthdays. i usually plan these extravagant parties for his birthday where a whole lot of people come & my ocd kicks in where i am trying to make sure everyone is happy and not feeling left out. this year we have had a lot going on (good & bad) so we didn't plan something huge. a lot more casual.

last night we celebrated just the two of us at this bbq place called, "bone lick" it is pretty good & has good vibes.

here are some pictures from my iPhone.

i love places with clever names.

i got the pulled pork and mac-n-cheese.

i woke up pretty early this morning so i could clean the waffle maker ( we have not used it in like a year) & start on his birthday waffles.

i used this recipe. 

it is really simple-your basic waffle recipe.

i basically put everything i can in clear jars. it makes everything seem a lot cooler. right?

this is by far my favorite sugar to use!

i also have so much love for my little salt jar.

i picked up these chicken sausages from whole foods & they are delish!

mix all the dry stuff & the cold stuff together.

you have to set the table pretty right?

& wrap packages really cute.

i put some candles on his waffles so he could make a wish. 

so handsome. mr. estes is by far the best man on this planet.

he bought me this cup & i pretty much use it all the time.
one thing you will learn about me is i have a ton of coffee cups. it is a problem. 

dexter was allowed to sit on the stool today.

i will always choose home made cards over store bought ones.

then i put the balloons on dolly & she did not like it one bit. if you would like to see a video you can check it out on my instagram 

tonight we will go with some friends to eat some mexican food. 


Mrs. Estes