Monday, June 30, 2014

birthday part 2.

this past weekend we continued our celebration of the misters 31st birthday.

he had a meeting that afternoon for a potential job so i cleaned up the house because i knew we had some guests coming over. i have had this table my mom gave me sitting in my living room taking up space for the longest time. we live in a tiny apartment right now and extra space is a luxury. i posted the picture on facebook (why did i not think of this before) & within minutes my dear friend said she would trade me the table for a 25% discount at her store. i have been wanting to go so bad & i have not had the time so this gives me the extra little push.

check her store, "the byrd's box" out here & go buy something cute.

when the hubs got back we watched one of our favorite shows, "the following" (it is incredible) & just had some quality time. we went to el escorpion for dinner with family & friends. the food there is amazing- i had the grilled shrimp tacos and their version of texas margaritas. my sister was able to make it which made me happy & so did my mom & step dad.

everyone came back to the house after dinner to have a slice of the BEST cheesecake made by my mom. if you are ever in need of amazing food or deserts in general please let me know. i will hook you up.

yesterday was a "off" day for the husband which made me happy. we stopped by starbucks to get our usual's and then headed to his parents for a day at the pool, which ended about 1hr in. because of the the rain. seriously rain ruins my life every pool day i get. every. single. one.
over all it was a good birthday for him & as far as presents goes he is buying a bunch of guitar gear which makes him happy and me happy as well. it is all about "the tone" you guys. 

i hope you all had a fantastic weekend- regarding pictures i decided to leave the camera at home. i just wanted to soak up all the moments & just have them to hold onto in my heart and in my brain. 


Mrs. Estes