Wednesday, October 5, 2016

land & school update.

thank you all for being patient with me. being pregnant, just getting back from haiti & trying to get in the hang of things here has kept me busy. already missing my boys so here is some photos that i stare at everyday.

SO. as most of you know the engineering department at UGA has picked our school to design.  WHAT? god is good. i still keep pinching myself & asking if this is all real. god is constantly stretching my dreams & faith in him.

this last trip kat was able to take some video & photos for me & we will post the video soon.

i am blessed to have so many talented friends on this journey with me. still pinching myself.

back to the land. we have until the end of november to raise the rest of the money for the land. we still need about $2500. we will be doing some craft parties, hosting a 31 party & a few other things. make sure you are keeping up with us so you can be apart.

if you would like to donate you can do so HERE

we got a lot of info for the students at UGA to help them with their design.

we will have a school with the capacity for 600 children with 16 classrooms. which means one school for all grades which is a DREAM. we will have a kitchen & a nice place for the kids to eat breakfast & lunch at the school. there will also be a food storage with organization to put all the food. we will have dorms with enough room for 30 girls & 30 boys- each dorm will have a room for a dorm leader. there will also be a room for organization for donations & easy access to be able to give the kids things when they need it. our bunk beds will be made by a haitian artist. we will have an outdoor play area, soccer field, & a stage. each thing we build will be multi functional so many purposes for each thing. we will have ways to recycle water & will have solar panels so we won't have an electrical bill. we will have parking & a path from the entrance to the school for the kids to walk. i sit & dream about this all the time. i cannot wait!

this church above is one we will be partnering with. i was so happy that we got to see it in the beginning stages. we got to meet the pastor & see all the workers doing amazing stuff. cory was able to see it too. the next group we will be taking in march will be partnering with some people in the community to help paint this church. so exciting. 

some fun things i am exciting about- having a freezer to be able to freeze fruit for smoothies. farming. having animals in a fence. all the mango, coconut, plantain & breadfruit trees. the water that runs on the property & finding ways we can make use of that. children having a safe christ centered home. so many kids having a school to go too. seeing how the lord uses this land & what we build to further his kingdom. building relationships with people in the community. being fluent in creole to talk with everyone. so many amazing things that god gets all the glory for.

feel free to email me to see how you can be apart of what we are doing