Thursday, October 6, 2016

teachers & education.

we all know how important school is in america; however, school in haiti is insanely important. i hear the kids say next to God school is the most important thing.

right now CAD is in need of money to pay the teachers so the kids can start school. they have not started school at the moment & if we don't raise the money to pay the teachers they won't be able to have school. i have been in a panic since i found out this information while i was there this last trip.

i was made aware of this issue & i reached out to a few people & they were unable to help.

so i am taking to this blogging world to get these teachers paid. share it with your friends, family, everyone.

we are wanting to pay the teachers $100 a month which is more than what they made before. most workers or teachers make about $45 a month, which is nothing.

there are 4 teachers at the school- with 4 classes. so for one year for a teacher it would be $1200.

for all the teachers it would be $4800. this would pay all the teachers for an entire year.

eventually we want to bring in more money to pay all the employees more than what they get at the moment, but you have to start somewhere, right?

i KNOW god is big enough to help with this situation.

if you can help at all or would like information please feel free to email me

- e