Tuesday, August 30, 2016

21 weeks.

i am 2 days away from being 22 weeks.


time goes by so quickly.

"baby e" is the size of a baby bok choy right now. the baby's pancreas is creating its own horomones right now which is pretty cool. a lot of moving around, i am pretty sure this baby loves music.

we ordered these bellybuds by wavhello & every single time i put music on the baby goes nuts.

cory really wanted them so the baby can listen to classical music, but you better believe this baby was listening to some Imagine Dragons & Adele yesterday.

i made my registry on baby list which i highly recommend. you can literally register at whatever store you want & everything is on one list & easy to find for everyone. if you would like to see what i have on my list so far you can HERE

i ordered baby his/her first pair of moccasins from "hello mess" & the money goes to help pay medical costs for her son rocky. you can see her amazing products HERE

i ordered the scarecrow green & cannot wait for baby to wear them!

cory is making some really cute shelves for the nursery, for books & little trinkets i have been collecting.  i am doing a very cultural room that is very simple & colorful. you can follow my pinterest board HERE to see some of my ideas.

it is all very exciting. i cannot wait to meet "baby e" & no i am not finding out what i am having. why? because there are very few surprises you get in life & this just so happens to be one of the best. i don't need to know what i am having to make a really cool room or to buy clothes, diapers, wipes ect. i want a healthy baby & that is what i care about.

now. if we can just decide on some names.