Tuesday, August 23, 2016

september in haiti.

thank you guys so much for keeping up with my blog & commenting & writing such pretty things to me. it really means a whole lot.

september 19th i will be headed back with kat by my side. diana is coming too for a little bit & then cory. it is going to be a good little group to get a lot of things done. 

if you haven't check out my go fund me page you can do so HERE literally every $1 counts. 

there is also a detailed little write up about some of the things we are doing. 

if you are going through your summer clothes & need somewhere to put them you can give them to me. the kids are in need of the following items. 

bras for the girls
ribbons for the girls hair
shorts (sizes 2t- 16 year old)
blue pens

* they prefer travel size bc it is easy to give out to the kids & to travel with *

if you have any of these items let us know! we will come pick them up if your not too far away! 

you can email me at revelatorinternational@gmail.com

the kids had a really good meal for lunch. 

they even had some fruit for breakfast.

alix went to CAD yfriday to hang out with the kids, teach english class, prayer, make sure they got their meals on time & see what they were eating, he also spent some time with them in the library- they got to paint, color, read, & write if they wanted too. i was so happy to see them using this space that we worked so hard on. sonson wrote me later & told me he got to read today, & when i asked him what he read he said the bible, he then made sure to tell me he got to go to the library to read. THEY LOVE IT! it made my heart so happy.

*this picture above is the kids having a prayer time*

if you remember we painted this room in january & in march we put up shelves & organized the whole room!! it has been such a team effort & i could not have done this without so many others by my side, it really is incredible to see everyone who came together & continues to come together for these kids & this amazing country.

some other really amazing things going on at CAD- food for the poor built a cover over the raised garden beds to help them grow better, food for the poor is also building an amazing hen/chicken house close to the school for the kids too. can we say eggs everyday? there is a company laying piping so the kids can have working plumbing so no more bucket showers.

this is the new chicken house. it is going to look amazing. 

they covered the veggies so the sun isn't so hard on them.