Monday, July 11, 2016


i feel like i say the same thing at the beginning of every post- it goes something like this, i have been waiting & waiting to post this & i am so excited to share this with you guys.

i know not very creative BUT its true every post i am excited to share a little more about the work we do in haiti & about all of these incredible kids, & partnerships we are continuing to make.


this post was strictly fun. so i knew going on this trip that it was going to be wilderson's birthday on june 21. i was so EXCITED to be there for his birthday. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. so for his special one on one time he got to go to pizza. dd & chamy tagged along as well. we went to pizza amor which is SO GOOD. we ordered a pepperoni pizza & a lobster pizza. wilderson had 4 pieces! i was like whoa whoa whoa. the boy can eat. we had so much fun just being together & taking him somewhere to make him feel special.

he is always trying to take photos of me.




love this. 

so sweet. 

of course i brought some back for robenson too. he was waiting as soon as we pulled up bc i told him i would bring him one. so i snuck him into our room & gave him some.

now the "birthday day" i made sure to embarrass him all day long. we made biscuits & gravy & apple sauce for breakfast. when he walked in i had alix tell everyone to start singing happy birthday to him. he was trying not to smile so big but it was so fun. it was just like what happened to me when i was a kid. my mom always made us feel so special on our birthdays & i so badly want that for all the kids there. i have it on video & it's so cute i watch it like everyday. we had projects & everything going on & i decided to leave a little early with wilderson & robenson to go get cake. it was just us & wa-wa. it was the BEST day ever, well one of them. we headed to delmas to the fancy cake shop. i told wilderson he could pick out whatever cake he wanted & he chose a rectangle one. i asked him what he wanted on it & we put HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILDERSON, he wanted it to be in black but they had blue so that is what we went with. we picked out a cake for viviane bc she told us it was her birthday the next day. we got her the cutest little cake with pretty colors all over it & it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIANE. as we are doing this robenson tells me that no one has done anything special for his birthday which they celebrated in october. so i asked him if he would like a cake & he says yes, he then asks me if i am buying it & i said yes so he picks out the smallest little cake & i asked him what he wanted to put on his cake & he said i want to put "thank you evanda for this cake".... you guys ON HIS BIRTHDAY CAKE, he wanted to thank me. i almost cried. he is just so sweet & so sincere & his love is so genuine & it literally makes me cry thinking about it. we talked him into putting "thank you" in red. we get our cakes & head on our way.

we made a few stops to get some drinks, to get some sweet potatoes, & a few others things. then we head to get something to eat bc this baby was hungry. we stop at this little place that i have been too many times. it has like haitian food & american food & we settle on sandwiches. i get something real plain, wilderson is picky like me so he picks out what he wants on it, & robenson literally gets everything on his. we get in the car & head back for the party. we start eating our food in the back seat & robenson had onions on his & i told him i hated them. he then told me that everything is good for my body & i should eat them. this kid. 

we get back to CAD & start blowing up balloons to hang up. we use a mosquito net to put them all in & grab some yarn to string them up with. we had the common room full of balloons. it was so fun & so pretty & i was like a kid. we get the cakes & put them on the table. we get our candles on the cakes & i had got wilderson magic candles bc i knew it would embarrass him & be SO FUNNY. we start singing happy birthday & then robenson, wilderson, & viviane blew their candles out. wildersons candles kept coming back & he would blow them out again & then they would come back & we all were laughing so hard including him. it was SO FUN. we then let them get their piece first & of course they wanted huge pieces. well instead of eating their cake right away they helped serve everyone else before they even took a bite. how different we are in the states? so quick to serve ourselves. so quick to want things before anyone else. lord, help me to raise my kids to not be selfish & put others before themselves.

sometime during all of this wilderson finds his way to me & with tears in his eyes, hugs me & says "thank you mom" this is completely unusual for him bc he is REALLY SHY & even when i am going to leave he hides from me to cry. i didn't need a thank you from him bc his smile was all i needed. gosh the love i have for him is crazy. crazy crazy & i know he is on my path for a reason.

after everyone is served ziko starts blasting music & next thing you know we have a dance circle going on. wilderson took a bunch of blurry photos & they are awesome. we all got in the middle & danced & celebrated all these kids amazing birthdays. then we took the party outside to dance until like midnight. all of the teachers were so happy. it makes me happy to see them happy bc i know they have so much on their plate all the time & they are not paid near enough what they should be getting paid.

we took wilderson to our room & the whole team was there. we had a birthday bag full of gifts for him & let him open each one just like we do in the states. he got some shirts, some shorts, & tractor supply hat & some really cool sandals. i also gave him a photo of cory & i when we were by ourselves. he took the photo & just put it on his face for a long minute & then hugged me. we went to his room & i helped him fold all of his clothing in his little suitcase which holds everything he owns. in this tiny little suitcase. he had a few clothes, & photos & letters i have given him in the past. my mama heart so badly wants to just bring him here & make everything different for him. patience & proper steps i have to tell myself. one day sweet boy. i cannot wait for that day.

i also had robenson a few shirts & some shorts & a photo of cory & i. he was so excited. i didn't want him to feel left out considering i was not there for his birthday.

now i am on a mission to figure out all of their birthdays. bc it is important to me.

we danced & danced & danced. it was so fun & the kids were literally putting themselves to bed bc they were so tired. i taught robenson country dances & he had them down before the night was over. i sat there watching everything just feeling incredibly blessed to be alive & able to go & serve such amazing kids, such an amazing country. lord, help me to never question your direction. when you say go help me to say ok. when you say do help me say ok. give me strength for whatever is ahead of me. help me to always serve you 110%. help my faith to not waiver & help me to always put YOU first in everything i do.

this whole day was magical & an answered prayer & so many feelings. i am sitting here crying right now thinking about all of it. i feel so blessed to live this life. now bringing a new life into this world that will get to share in all of these crazy adventures makes my heart all warm & fuzzy.