Wednesday, July 6, 2016

library/art room for CAD.

i have been waiting to post this. this room has taken a minute to be completed but now it is & it looks so good.

this has been a dream of mine for some time now. for the kids to have a space to create art & use their imagination & thanks to everyone that sponsored this last trip & the trip in january it is finished!

you might remember that we painted this room on my last trip in march.  it is a bright blue vibrant color that invites you to be artsy. thank you tia, grace, wa-wa, my mom, diana & jerry for making this room so colorful & clean.

this last trip wendy donated the wood for the shelves & bought some of the books for the library which was amazing bc it allowed us to use money we had set aside for shelves for extra water & propane for the kids.

we had an amazing day-care, my sweet neighbors, & other friends donate so many books & we are so thankful. let me tell you these kids LOVE to have me sit down & read these books with them. they love practicing too. we also had cortland partners donate so many art supplies for this beautiful room. i could not be more thankful to all of you that made this room happen. hard work, time, money & a lot of love made this room into what it is.

so matthew, alix, wa-wa, & billy worked SO HARD getting these shelves up. seriously guys without you what would we have done?!

laura & i collected tin cans they could not burn & we bought spray paint to bring them back to life to put things like crayons, pastel paint, markers, pencils, pens & every other fun thing you could find. we painted them red, yellow, silver & a few gold. we spent a day organizing the room & making the shelves come to life. we hung posters & photos. maps & posters & the room is going to be a HIT. we took robenson up there to see what the room looked like & to help us hang photos & when he walked in he said, "wow, this is beautiful" he then asked me if it was for them & i said YES! i cannot wait for them to use this space to make beautiful things. it also makes me excited to have one of these rooms at our new place.

all their little aprons hung up!

laura & i made this ribbon holder using an old paint extender & zip ties. 

i love how cute it looks. we found this colorful curtain in another room & alix hung it up to block out some of the sun. 

we will eventually have some chairs so they can work at this table. 

robenson wanted his photo taken in this chair in this new room. 

we hung up all these photos of us & the kids so when they are in here they can remember all these memories. 

they had all these amazing posters sitting in a pile so we brought some adhesive & put them up. that space is from the table that was there :)

laura & brandi after organizing. 

me taking a photo of robenson taking a photo of all the photos. 

more photos from past trips. 

all in all this room turned out amazing. thank you to matthew, elana, brandi, courtney, dd, laura, & raegan for making this room into something special. thank you to everyone that donated for this trip & everyone that prayed. i cannot wait to post photos of them creating special things in this room.