Wednesday, July 13, 2016

tye dye & a clothing line.

THIS was such a fun lesson. i think laura would agree with me when i say we both got something out of every lesson each person spoke about.

laura spoke about gods purpose & had an incredible visual & hands on part to go with it. she spoke about how we don't really know what our life is going to end up like. we don't know what god is going to create. we go through life & things happen to us & it changes a little part of what we will become. she was using a white shirt all ready for tye dye. each time she would talk about something she would add a color, but since the shirt was all tied up in rubber bands you couldn't see what the colors were doing. all the kids were watching intently. after she was done talking about the lesson she unfolded her shirt & it was this amazing shirt with so many colors going all different ways.


then we let 6-7 kids come up & do their own shirt!

earlier that day or maybe it was the day before i really don't remember, laura & i & a handful of our little guy helpers put up the clothing line. at this point they did not have one. they usually wash their clothes & hang them on the fence or wherever they can find a place for them. the first big wind storm that comes by will blow them everywhere. so the last time i was there i said to myself we are going to make a clothing line. so easy.

so. the kids did their shirt & elana & raegan were waiting to hang them up on the new line. it was so fun. the next day we were going to the beach so the kids were going to wear them for beach day.

what a FUN lesson that we all need to hear. what is gods purpose for your life? i think we all need to be praying over our lives regarding this. god has amazing plans for all of us, but what are they? how much time do we spend in prayer over this?

a lot to think about.