Wednesday, April 20, 2016

non-profit & stuff.


so many doors are opening. so many amazing people on my team. people i feel like i have been praying for since i knew this is the direction the lord wanted me to go.

as some of you might know i am in the process of starting my own non-profit. this has been something i have been praying about for a really long time & it is finally happening. i have someone working on the logo & the website & i am so excited to show you guys.

GOD is up to some really cool things. i am just so blessed to be surrounded by people who are true friends & pray for me. it is cool to see everything unfolding. of course i am sitting around day-dreaming about all of the possibilities for my community, in haiti & wherever the lord takes this non-profit.

please continue to keep me in your prayers. i want to walk through the right doors.

i cannot wait to introduce you to everyone on my team.

mesi mesi mesi! ak bondye tout bagay se posib.