Monday, April 18, 2016

early mornings.

i don't know what it is but in haiti i wake up at like 5am everyday. i hear the roosters, chickens, cars going by, people off to work for the day & the kids doing chores & i am fully awake anticipating the day.

one morning when i woke up this last trip i could hear sinciny singing "good, good father" right outside my window as he was sweeping.  cory taught them this song in january & to wake up hearing them sing this sweet song of truth made my heart so happy.

these kiddos start their day doing their chores. sweeping the cafeteria which is also their church. mopping the bedrooms. mopping the offices. helping with laundry. using machetes to cut grass & pick rocks out of the grass. chopping & shaping bushes. cleaning out the area for our future garden. you name it they do it. 

all these photos below were taken by alix. the BEST photographer. 

these kiddos play & wait for their turn. 

them using these machetes made me a little crazy. already looking into better tools for them to use instead of these. 

we would cut up the grass & rocks & then put all the weeds into the wheelbarrow. then a kid would take it all the way up this huge hill to the trash pile, so we can burn it.

see- i worked too!

so did kayla. 

little dawensky was trying to tickle me. 

diana always so loving. so loving with the kids & i love it so much. 

my mom & robenson. 

i LOVE this photo. look at the joy on her face. this is one of my favorite photos. EVER. 

sammy is still too young for chores. so he plays & bosses everyone else around. 


guytho & robinson taking their break to ride the bike together. 

robinson takes photos for me sometimes ( & he is a natural) he really likes to take selfies. hahaha. 

trimming the bushes. this whole area will be a garden. 

this was all grass before! they did so good. 

took a break to help robenson make another hole for his belt. one of the things we are taking with us are belts. these boys usually don't get clothes that fit them specifically. they all share which means most of their pants are falling off. if you would like to sponsor our next trip you can do so HERE.

PLEASE be in prayer for Mrs. Marline who started CAD almost 20 years ago. She has been battling cancer & is receiving treatment in the states now. She has some major bills that need to be paid. We are praying God opens doors to get those paid!

ansanm nou kapab fé yon diferans!