Monday, April 25, 2016

44 days.

only 44 days until we leave for haiti again. that is crazy to me. i feel like time goes by faster the older i get. cory was going to go with me for a few days on this trip but we decided he should go on the september trip considering we will be celebrating my birthday there. i am going to miss him so so so so so so so much. it is always so hard being away from him & i wish he could come every single time.

i cannot wait. i cannot wait for all of the new people going who will build life long relationships, learn so much about themselves, who they are in christ, learn to be more humble, meet the kids, meet my family there, try new things, step out of their comfort zones & everything else in between. i cannot wait for the people who have been before coming back again & seeing everyone that they have missed so much. i cannot wait to see the look on the kids faces when their best friends are back. i cannot wait to go to la cabane & hug tina's neck. i cannot wait to see my son & tell him how much i love him & missed him. i cannot wait to plants veggies. i cannot wait to take these kids to farming classes. i cannot wait to teach them about business. i cannot wait to teach english classes. i cannot wait to do sewing classes. i cannot wait to organizes rooms to make the staffs life a little bit easier. i cannot wait to clean up trash with the kids. i cannot wait to go to canaan & see some people who i am growing so fond of. i cannot wait to pray with these children every night. i cannot wait to have team meetings & talk about the goodness of God each & every day. i cannot wait to stay up late laughing with all my girls. i cannot wait to see nancy & hug her neck. i cannot wait to speak kreyol more & practice with all my little loves. i cannot wait to teach lessons on dreaming, & have the team teach lessons on forgiveness, trust, self-worth, fear, purpose, pursuing god, & sewing & reaping. i cannot wait to do small groups & talk to these kids about their life & how to stay on the path the lord has set before them. i cannot wait for all of us to get to know each other better. i cannot wait for all the hugs & all the i love you's. i cannot wait for prayer at night when they tell me, "evanda i pray for you". that means the world to me.

you guys know how much i love these kids. how much of my heart is for them. how much i am thankful to be able to go every 2 months to these people that i truly love. god has had a plan my whole life for this path i am on right now. i know it is just the beginning. my prayer is that every decision i make is for him to get the glory. every door i walk through is a door from him. i want every thing i do to be pleasing to the father. i truly do. every person i work with to be someone god put on my path to further his kingdom & plan.

i am super excited about this small group of people banning together to make a difference. we are not apart of just one church. we are a group of people spread out in different states just answering gods call to serve. to be an impact, no matter how big or small. it all makes a difference if our hearts are pure.

if you would like to be apart of our vision- you can donate HERE

please pray for the people coming & their efforts for raising funds.
our teams for the 2 weeks consists of.


most of these people have been before & some of them have not. please be in prayer that we would allow god to work through us. that we would be vessels for his message & his plans. help us to not complain, help us all to work together, help us all to have a servants heart, help us all to help each other, & encourage each other.

ALL proceeds that we raise go towards translators, transportation, supplies for projects, water for the kids, propane for the kitchen & extra money for fruit for the kids while we are there.