Saturday, April 16, 2016

food & the lack of it.

FOOD FOOD FOOD! we need your help.

the kids at CAD usually eat rice & beans everyday. they have 3 meals a week that includes chicken.  now some of you might say well, at least they are eating. i don't like to think that way. we serve a BIG GOD who can do BIG THINGS.

when we were there in march they prepared a really good lunch for these kids to celebrate easter. 

we started a garden june of last year & it is doing incredible. most of it is fruit trees now, but we have plans on expanding a HUGE part of the area for more vegetables in september. i started farming classes for the boys & they will continue. i want the kids to be a BIG part of the garden bc it is a very valuable lesson & a way to show responsibility, a way to have them involved in something productive. teach a kid to farm & they can always have food & even better they can help others around them.

so with that being said they are in a shortage of food. unicef was sponsoring a HUGE part of funding at CAD & when they pulled out of helping CAD, they lost a lot & that directly hurts the children. the food became more of an issue & the teachers pay went from $150 a month to $60. the workers there work for $60 a month, which is nothing. can you imagine only making $60 a month? if you were to buy one thing of propane in haiti to cook with you would spend your entire pay check on that. that blows my mind.

how can you help? you can help by making a donation to dirty feet missions- your donation is 100% tax deductible & it helps the children at CAD get better nutrition. i met this amazing group of women in january when they showed up at CAD while we were doing the shoe giveaway. i was so excited to meet another group that shows love to these amazing kids. i know when we met it was not a coincidence & God is up to something. they have an amazing system in place to give these kids better nutrition & make sure your donation goes directly to the kids. PLEASE consider giving monthly to help these children. together we can make a HUGE impact.

when i am there i can literally buy every single one of the kids & adults (60) a whole mango for less than $20. you can do so much with so little. maybe you can  give $20 a month - that is GREAT! any amount helps. maybe you can't give but you can pray- that is GREAT. maybe you feel a tugging on your heart to go- that is GREAT. every option matters. in the end the kids benefit. you want to donate, they benefit. you pray, they benefit. you go & love on them & build relationships with them- they benefit. when you donate just make a little note that it's for the CAD kids. lets work together & get these kids the nutrition they need.

pray for the garden to continue to grow. pray for God to provide to make things happen for these kids. pray for them to wake up everyday knowing how much they are loved by the father & by so many. pray that they start now on the path of pursuing God with everything they have.

thank you to everyone that prays & gives. YOU are such a blessing.

-- evanda