Wednesday, January 27, 2016

CAD Garden Part 3.

so excited to let you all know about one of the projects we did this past week in haiti.

you all might remember the garden we started back in the summer, if not you can read about it HERE

WELL this time i took my sweet husband, my dad & my mom with me to haiti. i was more than excited to introduce them to the kids & for them to see my heart & love for this amazing country & these incredible kids.

cory, phil, matthew & a few others worked so hard building the fence around where the trees would be planted. if you were wondering why we have to build fences around all the trees it is to keep all the goats from eating them up. when they get bigger we can take this fence down a re-purpose it in another area to plant more trees. right now we are in need of more water for the kids. food for the poor & water missions international put a water purification system at CAD so they can clean their water BUT it still costs money to bring in the water for them to clean it. the kids currently have limited drinking water, & they bathe with water that is not clean. if you want to partner with me to get these kids CLEAN water in all areas & make it where the DONT have a limit on drinking water PLEASE email me---

i mean can you imagine being in the sun all day & being told when you are allowed to have water because there is not a lot? it breaks my heart. lets work together & get this done.

so here are some photos of all the work! enjoy :)

this is their new water purification system. the concrete box to the left is where they put the unclean water. the clean water goes to the top & comes down near the window so they can fill up their containers with it. what i want to happen is to pipe this clean water down to the bathrooms & to the kitchen so they have easy access to this. this is a very long walk up the hill where the school is. this is a project that needs to happen ASAP. so many things cannot continue until we get this done. WATER IS SO IMPORTANT. if you are a business & looking for a way to help, if you are a student that feels a tug at your heart, if you have nothing to give PLEASE pray. PRAYER is everything. 

phil showing the guys how to dig holes. 

cory doing work. 

the kids LOVE helping. 

the ladies & kids gathered rocks to put at the bottom to keep the goats away. 

my mom doing her part.

all these little cuties. 

brandi & taina.


pouchon, guytho & wilderson. 

THIS guy always helps me. he helped do the other gardens & LOVED helping with this one. he came running up to me when i got there & told me he had watered the garden that morning. he was so proud of himself. i am so proud of them. they love learning. 

jerry planting one of the moringa trees. if you do not know much about trees you would happy to know that you can use every single part of this tree. it is literally called the tree of life. 7 times the amount of vitamin c of an orange, 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, 3 times the potassium of bananas, 2 times the protein of yogurt. you can use the bark to make cooking oil & the list goes on. another plus size is moringa grows with almost no care at all! it really is a miracle tree. for kids who do not get a huge nutritional diet this tree will help them get a lot of vitamins. so excited to see them grow. 

we had some left over compost so we cleaned dead stuff out of the vegetable garden & added some there. 

you can see how big the papaya is. its amazing. i remember it being to my knees. 

my little group of farmers. 


here we are planting a mango tree. 

i get all my plants from double harvest. the place is something else. i love seeing the same faces when i go & giving my business to help another business in haiti. you can ask the others in the group i am a little excited when i take people here. i see future jobs. i see good food for my babies. i see hope. i see dreams being filled. all good things. 

all together we planted 4 mango trees, 2 avocado trees, 2 moringa trees & 2 big shade trees. 

AND guess what? 

i go back march 18th with 3 other girls & we will be taking 2 groups to double harvest for farming classes. 

i literally cry thinking about it. 

why? because these kids need skills. they need to know what kind of jobs they can have. what kind of dreams to dream. they need their minds stimulated with possibility. they could partner with each other & one day start something amazing. they WILL do great things. i am super excited about this project. if you would like to sponsor a kid for a lesson please email me--

also in case you didn't know--- m'ap aprann kreyol!