Tuesday, January 26, 2016

dear diana.

you are something else.

i thought a lot about my first post back from haiti & at first i was going to update everyone on the week & what we did BUT you have been on my heart a lot. so this blog post is for you.

when i first read you email sharing you wanted to go on this trip, i was rattled a little. i remember thinking as i read the email this overwhelming feeling that you had to go on this trip.

i am so glad you did.

i am so thankful for what you made happen for those kids that you now know.  seeing them in their new shoes running around with their amazing smiles. YOU had a part in that & i can't even imagine how that feeling is for you.

thank you for loving them so well. thank you for being so open with them. thank you for not holding back because it might have been too much to deal with. thank you for your anger at the injustice that they deal with. thank you for your eagerness to spend time with them. thank you for going with the flow. thank you for not being scared to get too close. thank you for every tear. thank you for every hand you held. thank you for every kiss you gave. thank you for every hug you gave. thank you for every lesson you gave. thank you for changing their lives & allowing yours to be changed as well. thank you for coming & meeting these kids that i don't go one day without talking about. thank you for embracing haiti & all this country has to offer. thank you for doing whatever was needed. thank you for never complaining. thank you for riding motorcycles with us. thank you for trying new things. thank you for every smile you gave every single day.

i know when you come back you are flooded with emotions. you sit & have this urgency to find ways to help. ways to make things better. it can be overwhelming. you have so many feelings & not too many people really get it. but i do. grace does. my mom does. if you ever need anyone to talk to. you know we are here. i am so proud as a friend to have been able to witness you with these kids. those kids are smiling a little more today because of YOU. shoes or not, you LOVED them well & that goes a really long ways.

i know you will be back. i know you will stand with us & fight to make these kids lives better.

some people ask me why in the world would i ever go to haiti? to a place that is "hopeless"-- i laugh to myself. when i see those kids & the potential that they have i KNOW haiti is not hopeless. God is doing a work in each of those kids lives. when i met you, you told me you wanted to love bomb those kids & that is exactly what you did. i really cannot say thank you enough. those kids will think of you. they will remember you. they were changed bc of you. i was blessed this week watching you. please know you are in my prayers & that as your heart is unraveled & tears fall bc you have so  much that needs to get out you are not alone. use the tears to fuel your passion to make their lives better. that is how i get through the sad days. you are a joy & such a blessing. thank you.

mesi anpil pou tout bagay.

- e